Dr. Jitendra Singh Launches ‘Digital DARPG’ Campaign for Efficient Governance

Dr. Jitendra Singh Launches 'Digital DARPG' Campaign for Efficient Governance
Dr. Jitendra Singh Launches 'Digital DARPG' Campaign for Efficient Governance

On September 29, 2023, Dr. Jitendra Singh, the Minister of State for Personnel, Public Grievances, and Pensions, marked the commencement of the ‘Digital DARPG’ campaign within the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG). This initiative, under the theme of “Digital DARPG,” had a primary objective of advancing service delivery, harnessing emerging technologies, and optimizing administrative efficiency across government institutions.

Within the framework of the “Digital DARPG” endeavor, DARPG adopted a holistic approach towards unified service delivery portals. Collaborating with 27 Senior Officials, including Right to Service Commissioners from States/Union Territories, DARPG identified a total of 164 services for pan-India e-service delivery, in addition to the 56 mandatory e-services. The focus was on promoting faceless and proactive service delivery.

Jammu & Kashmir, Kerala, and Odisha emerged as frontrunners, achieving 100% service saturation through their Unified Service Delivery Portals, namely e-UNNAT, e-Sevanam, and Odisha One, respectively.

The Special Campaign 3.0, orchestrated by DARPG, underscored its dedication to the swift and high-quality resolution of public grievances. The 17th Monthly Report on CPGRAMS, released on September 7, 2023, showcased an impressive average grievance redressal time of 19 days across Ministries/Departments. In an effort to further streamline the grievance redressal process, DARPG collaborated with the Bharat GPT team from IIT Mumbai to create India-specific Large Language Models (LLM) powered by Bhashini.

Demonstrating DARPG’s commitment to effective record management, a rigorous review process during the campaign’s initial week resulted in the identification of 447 physical files for disposal, with 140 of them successfully removed. Furthermore, 1317 e-files were earmarked for closure, and all were successfully closed using the e-Office platform.

Special Campaign 3.0 also marked DARPG’s embrace of emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI). A non-disclosure agreement was executed with the Bharat GPT team to develop a demonstrable large language model for CPGRAMS, promising to elevate the efficiency of citizen grievance redressal in CPGRAMS and provide a more user-friendly experience.