Historic Milestone: First Transgender Birth Certificate Issued in Rajasthan

In a significant step towards inclusivity and recognition of transgender rights, Rajasthan witnessed a historic moment as Noor Shekhawat of Jaipur became the first transgender individual to be issued a birth certificate with her gender officially recorded as transgender. Previously identified as male in her old birth certificate, Shekhawat’s new birth certificate represents a milestone in her personal journey and broader efforts for transgender visibility and acknowledgment.

The certificate was presented to Noor Shekhawat by municipal and state government officials, signifying official recognition of her gender identity. As the founder of an NGO dedicated to supporting the transgender community, Shekhawat’s achievements extend beyond her own personal triumph, aiming to drive positive change and empowerment for transgender individuals in Rajasthan.

Bhanwarlal Bairwa, the Director of Economic and Statistics Department and Chief Registrar (Births and Deaths), played a pivotal role in issuing Rajasthan’s first transgender birth certificate. He highlighted the significance of this milestone and announced that the birth records of transgender persons will now be accessible on the corporation’s portal. Additionally, an awareness program will be launched to encourage transgender individuals to apply for their birth certificates.

Speaking about the initiative, Shekhawat emphasized its importance in enabling the government to maintain accurate records of transgender persons alongside those of disabled individuals, men, and women. Her advocacy does not end here; she plans to approach authorities to advocate for employment opportunities and reservation in jobs for the transgender community.

With this progressive step, Rajasthan demonstrates its commitment to inclusivity and respect for the diverse identities within the state. Noor Shekhawat’s groundbreaking accomplishment paves the way for greater visibility, representation, and rights for transgender individuals in Rajasthan and beyond.