Monday, September 26, 2022

India blocks 8 YouTube Channels, 1 Facebook Account for spreading Fake, Anti-India Content

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India blocks 8 YouTube Channels: The Indian government has ordered YouTube to block access to eight channels — seven Indian and one from Pakistan, for spreading “fake, anti-India content”. With this, a total of 102 YouTube channels have been blocked since December last year. Apart from YouTube, a Facebook account has also been blocked. Click here to join telegram study group 

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The government has blocked these channels using emergency powers under IT Rules 2021, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting said.

The eight YouTube channels with nearly 86 lakh subscribers and over 114 crore views “spread hatred among religious communities in India with false claims.

List of Channels Blocked

  • Sab Kuch Dekho
  • Loktantra TV
  • U&V TV
  • AM Razvi
  • Gouravshali Pawan Mithilanchal
  • SeeTop5TH
  • Sarkari Update
  • News ki Dunya

Some of the false news spread were:

  • Government of India ordered demolition of religious structures.
  • Government of India banned celebration of religious festivals.
  • Government of India declared religious war in India.
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The channels used “fake and sensational thumbnails, images of news anchors and logos of certain TV news channels to mislead the viewers”. The armed forces and Jammu and Kashmir were among their subjects, said the ministry.

India blocks 8 YouTube Channels: Why is this so important?

This might seem to be a small thing but this is a new type of warfare strategy being adopted by countries. Countries use these tactics to spread false news among the citizens of enemy countries. The news is presented as if being real. For example – Pakistan can spread false news in India that Muslims are being treated unfavorably in India and the government is supporting Hindus and is working only for the welfare of Hindus. This news will enrage the Muslims and will lead to Hindu-Muslim clashes. With this, Pakistan did not spend a single bullet and destroyed the harmony in India. Thus, it is very important to keep a check on such type of activities.

Social Media Regulations

Platforms such as YouTube and Facebook are free for use and have a huge customer base. Any body can create their channels on YouTube and Facebook and upload whatever content they wish. Though these platforms have some check and rules but they are not able to screen all the content. Thus, the government needs to regulate these social media platforms. India and Social medial platforms have recently tightened the social media policy but still there is need to put in more regulations.

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Some of the steps taken by social media platforms are:

  • You can’t forward messages on whatsapp multiple times.
  • You need to verify your identity on facebook to create account. Facebook has taken a lot of measures to reduce the number of fake accounts on the platform.
  • YouTube has a lot of checks for uploading video. If the video uploaded violates the policy, then youtube delists the video automatically.


In April, 22 YouTube channels were blocked on similar charges. Out of 22, Four channels were from Pakistan and rest were run from India.

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