India Expands Ramsar Sites to 80 on World Wetlands Day 2024

India Expands Ramsar Sites to 80 on World Wetlands Day 2024

Union Minister for Environment, Forest and Climate Change and Labour and Employment, Shri Bhupender Yadav, announced on the eve of World Wetlands Day 2024 that India has expanded its tally of Ramsar sites to 80, up from the existing 75. This was achieved by designating five additional wetlands as Ramsar sites.

Ramsar Certification Ceremony

Shri Yadav mentioned meeting Dr. Musonda Mumba, the Secretary General of Ramsar Convention, who presented the certificates for the newly designated Ramsar sites. Smt. Leena Nandan, Secretary EF&CC, Shri Jitendra Kumar, DG (Forest) & SS, and Dr. Sujit Kumar Bajpayee, Joint Secretary (Wetlands), were also present during the ceremony.

Wetlands Recognition and Amrit Dharohar Initiative

Shri Yadav highlighted the paradigm shift in India’s approach to wetlands, attributing it to Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s emphasis on environmental protection. He noted that this commitment is reflected in the Amrit Dharohar initiative envisioned by PM Modi.

Newly Designated Ramsar Sites

The five newly designated Ramsar sites include:

  1. Ankasamudra Bird Conservation Reserve
  2. Aghanashini Estuary
  3. Magadi Kere Conservation Reserve (all in Karnataka)
  4. Karaivetti Bird Sanctuary
  5. Longwood Shola Reserve Forest (both in Tamil Nadu)

Ramsar Site Statistics

With the addition of these five wetlands, the total area covered under Ramsar sites has reached 1.33 million hectares, marking an increase of 5,523.87 hectares from the previous 1.327 million hectares. Tamil Nadu leads with the maximum number of Ramsar sites (16), followed by Uttar Pradesh (10).

Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs):

  1. How many Ramsar sites does India have after the recent additions?
    • a) 70
    • b) 75
    • c) 80
    • d) 85
    Answer: c) 80
  2. Which state has the maximum number of Ramsar sites in India?
    • a) Karnataka
    • b) Tamil Nadu
    • c) Uttar Pradesh
    • d) Maharashtra
    Answer: b) Tamil Nadu
  3. Which initiative envisioned by Prime Minister Modi reflects the commitment to wetland conservation?
    • a) Swachh Bharat Abhiyan
    • b) Amrit Dharohar
    • c) Make in India
    • d) Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao
    Answer: b) Amrit Dharohar
  4. Which wetland is one of the largest wintering grounds for the Bar-headed goose in Southern India?
    • a) Ankasamudra Bird Conservation Reserve
    • b) Aghanashini Estuary
    • c) Magadi Kere Conservation Reserve
    • d) Karaivetti Bird Sanctuary
    Answer: c) Magadi Kere Conservation Reserve
  5. What is the theme of World Wetlands Day 2024?
    • a) Wetlands and Sustainable Development
    • b) Wetlands and Human Wellbeing
    • c) Wetlands and Climate Change
    • d) Wetlands and Biodiversity Conservation
    Answer: b) Wetlands and Human Wellbeing