India Test-Fires Rudram-1: Advancing Indigenous Anti-Radiation Missile Technology

India Test-Fires Rudram-1: Advancing Indigenous Anti-Radiation Missile Technology

India has achieved a significant milestone in defense technology with the successful test-fire of Rudram-1, its first indigenous anti-radiation missile developed by DRDO for the IAF.

Key Features and Capabilities

  • Platform Integration: Integrated with IAF’s Sukhoi-30MKI fighter jets.
  • Navigation System: Features INS-GPS navigation for accurate targeting.
  • Homing Capability: Equipped with a Passive Homing Head for precise final attacks on radiation-emitting targets.

Comparison with International Counterparts

  1. AGM-88 High-speed Anti-Radiation Missile (HARM) (USA)
    • Usage: U.S. Air Force and Navy for SEAD missions.
    • Features: Sophisticated seeker head; minimal aircrew input.
  2. Kh-58 Anti-Radiation Missile (Russia)
    • Range: 120 kilometers.
    • Flexibility: Various seeker heads for targeting air defense radars.
  3. Air-Launched Anti-Radiation Missile (ALARM) (UK)
    • Capability: Loiters and attacks activated enemy radars; sustained SEAD operations.
  4. FT-2000 System (China)
    • Target: AEW and AWACS aircraft.
    • Derived From: Russian S-300PMU; tailored for radar-emitting targets.
  5. Hormoz-2 Anti-Radiation Missile (Iran)
    • Range: Approximately 300 kilometers; maritime anti-radiation capability.
  6. MAR-1 Missile (Brazil)
    • Manufacturer: Mectron; exported to Pakistan.
    • Target: Effective suppression of enemy air defenses.

Strategic Significance of Rudram-1

  • Operational Range: Up to 250 kilometers; adaptable to varying launch conditions.
  • Operational Flexibility: Can be launched from altitudes ranging 500 meters to 15 kilometers.
  • Geopolitical Impact: Enhances India’s defense against regional threats, particularly from China and Pakistan.

Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs):

  1. Which country developed the Rudram-1 anti-radiation missile?
    • A) India
    • B) Russia
    • C) USA
    • D) China
    • Answer: A) India
  2. What type of navigation system does Rudram-1 use for targeting?
    • A) INS-GPS
    • B) Inertial Navigation System
    • C) INS-Glonass
    • D) INS-Beidou
    • Answer: A) INS-GPS
  3. Which country’s military uses the AGM-88 HARM extensively?
    • A) Russia
    • B) China
    • C) USA
    • D) UK
    • Answer: C) USA
  4. What is the approximate operational range of the MAR-1 missile?
    • A) 120 kilometers
    • B) 250 kilometers
    • C) 300 kilometers
    • D) 500 kilometers
    • Answer: B) 250 kilometers
  5. Which missile system is known for its capability to target AEW and AWACS aircraft?
    • A) Kh-58
    • B) FT-2000
    • C) ALARM
    • D) MAR-1
    • Answer: B) FT-2000