Indian Air Force Joins Egypt for Ex-HOPEX Exercise to Strengthen Bilateral Ties

Indian Air Force Joins Egypt for Ex-HOPEX Exercise to Strengthen Bilateral Ties

The Indian Air Force’s (IAF) Rafale fighter jets are currently in Egypt for the Ex-HOPEX exercise. Accompanying them are the C-17 Globemaster and IL-78 tankers. This week-long exercise, running from June 21 to June 26, aims to promote bilateral and regional cooperation, reflecting the long-standing relations between India and Egypt.


On their return journey from Alaska, where they participated in the ‘Red Flag’ exercise, the IAF contingent made a stop in Egypt. This participation in multiple international exercises underscores the IAF’s commitment to enhancing its operational capabilities and fostering international military cooperation.

Diplomatic Engagement

On Sunday, Indian Ambassador to Cairo Ajit V Gupte visited the Berighat Airbase in Egypt, meeting with the IAF team participating in Ex-HOPEX. The Indian Embassy in Egypt shared on its X account: “India-Egypt defense cooperation is continuously getting stronger. The fourth joint exercise of IAF (Indian Air Force) and EAF (Egyptian Air Force) will be held in Egypt from 21 to 26 June.”

Strengthening Bilateral Relations

Relations between India and Egypt have seen significant strengthening in recent years. Following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s re-election, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi congratulated him, reflecting the positive diplomatic relations. Diplomatic ties between the two countries were established on August 18, 1947, and both nations have worked closely in multilateral forums as founding members of the Non-Aligned Movement. In 2022, India and Egypt celebrated the 75th anniversary of their diplomatic relations, showcasing the depth of their relationship.

Exercise Red Flag 24

Prior to Ex-HOPEX, the IAF’s Rafale fighter jets and aircrew participated in the US multinational exercise ‘Red Flag 24’ in Alaska, held from May 30 to June 14. The exercise took place over an area of 77,000 square miles. Eight Rafale fighter aircraft, one C-17 Globemaster transport aircraft, and one IL-78 air-refueler from the IAF were part of this exercise. The primary goal of Red Flag was to integrate airmen into a multinational environment and improve interoperability. A total of 100 aircraft and 3100 airmen from the air forces of four countries participated in this exercise.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs):

  1. What is the primary goal of the Ex-HOPEX exercise?
    • A) To train pilots in solo combat
    • B) To promote bilateral and regional cooperation
    • C) To test new aircraft technologies
    • D) To conduct humanitarian missions
    Answer: B) To promote bilateral and regional cooperation
  2. Which Indian ambassador visited the IAF team in Egypt during Ex-HOPEX?
    • A) S. Jaishankar
    • B) R. Swaminathan
    • C) Ajit V Gupte
    • D) Naveen Srivastava
    Answer: C) Ajit V Gupte
  3. When did the diplomatic relations between India and Egypt begin?
    • A) August 18, 1947
    • B) January 26, 1950
    • C) June 15, 1960
    • D) October 2, 1975
    Answer: A) August 18, 1947
  4. How many Rafale fighter aircraft from the IAF participated in the ‘Red Flag 24’ exercise?
    • A) 5
    • B) 6
    • C) 8
    • D) 10
    Answer: C) 8
  5. What was the area covered by the ‘Red Flag 24’ exercise in Alaska?
    • A) 50,000 square miles
    • B) 60,000 square miles
    • C) 70,000 square miles
    • D) 77,000 square miles
    Answer: D) 77,000 square miles