Indian Army Commences Exercise MAITREE 2024 with Thailand

Indian Army Commences Exercise MAITREE 2024 with Thailand

The Indian Army contingent has embarked on the 13th edition of the India-Thailand joint military Exercise MAITREE. This exercise aims to strengthen military cooperation between the two nations through joint training.

Details of the Exercise

  1. Dates and Location:
    • Scheduled from 1st to 15th July 2024.
    • Venue: Fort Vachiraprakan, Tak Province, Thailand.
    • Previous edition: Conducted at Umroi, Meghalaya in September 2019.
  2. Participating Contingents:
    • Indian Army: 76 personnel, primarily from the LADAKH SCOUTS Battalion.
    • Royal Thailand Army: Also 76 personnel, mainly from 1st Battalion, 14 Infantry Regiment of 4 Division.


  • Foster military cooperation between India and Thailand.
  • Enhance combined capabilities in Joint Counter Insurgency/Terrorist Operations in Jungle and Urban Environments under Chapter VII of the UN Charter.

Focus Areas

  • Training Emphasis:
    • High physical fitness standards.
    • Joint planning and tactical drills.
  • Tactical Drills:
    • Creation of a Joint Operation Centre.
    • Intelligence & Surveillance Centre establishment.
    • Use of Drones and Counter Drone Systems.
    • Securing Landing Sites.
    • Small Team Insertion & Extraction.
    • Special Heliborne Operations.
    • Cordon and Search Operations.
    • Room Intervention Drills.
    • Demolition of Illegal Structures.


  • Share best practices in Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs).
  • Develop inter-operability and camaraderie among soldiers from both countries.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs):

  1. Where is Exercise MAITREE 2024 being conducted?
    • A) Umroi, Meghalaya
    • B) Fort Vachiraprakan, Tak Province, Thailand
    • C) Ladakh, India
    • D) Bangkok, Thailand
    • Answer: B) Fort Vachiraprakan, Tak Province, Thailand
  2. Which Indian Army unit is primarily participating in Exercise MAITREE?
    • A) Punjab Regiment
    • B) Ladakh Scouts
    • C) Assam Rifles
    • D) Maratha Light Infantry
    • Answer: B) Ladakh Scouts
  3. What is the main objective of Exercise MAITREE?
    • A) Maritime Security Cooperation
    • B) Air Defense Collaboration
    • C) Military Cooperation between India and Thailand
    • D) Border Conflict Resolution
    • Answer: C) Military Cooperation between India and Thailand
  4. Which tactical drill is NOT mentioned as part of Exercise MAITREE 2024?
    • A) Room Intervention Drills
    • B) Amphibious Assault Techniques
    • C) Cordon and Search Operations
    • D) Small Team Insertion & Extraction
    • Answer: B) Amphibious Assault Techniques