NIA Charge-Sheets Eight Individuals in Transnational Human Trafficking Syndicate

NIA Charge-Sheets Eight Individuals in Transnational Human Trafficking Syndicate

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has charge-sheeted eight individuals suspected of being part of a transnational syndicate trafficking Rohingyas and Bangladeshis into India using forged documents.

Individuals Charged

  • From Tripura:
    • Jalil Miah
    • Hanan Miah
    • Absconder Kajal Sarkar
    • Adhir Das
    • Anwar Hussain alias Mama
  • From Other Locations:
    • Kamal Das (absconder), brother of previously charged Amol Chandra Das (Silchar)
    • Liton Chakraborty (West Bengal)
    • Rabiyl Hasan alias Rabiul Hassan (Bangladeshi national)

Investigations and Findings

  • Role of Liton Chakraborty:
    • Engaged in preparing Indian ID documents for Bangladeshi nationals using fake or forged supporting documents and certificates.
  • Role of Rabiyl Hasan:
    • Well connected with the arrested accused in Assam, West Bengal, Tripura, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka.

Case Background

  • The case was originally registered by the Assam Special Task Force (STF) in September 2023.
  • The NIA registered the case in October 2023.
  • Trafficked individuals were forced into hard labour on low wages and exploited under the threat of police arrest.

Previous and Ongoing Actions

  • The NIA had earlier filed a charge sheet against 24 Bangladeshi nationals.
  • Investigations revealed a massive network of transnational human trafficking operated by various facilitators, touts, and traffickers across Assam, Tripura, West Bengal, and Bangladesh.
  • The probe continues, with the NIA searching for absconders and other suspects.

Official Statements

  • Tightening the noose around the human trafficking syndicates operating across India, the NIA has charge-sheeted eight more accused in a case related to the trafficking of Bangladeshi nationals and Rohingyas through the Indo-Bangladesh border.
  • The probe has exposed a strong nexus between all such operatives.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs):

  1. Who among the following is NOT from Tripura?
    • a) Jalil Miah
    • b) Hanan Miah
    • c) Liton Chakraborty
    • d) Anwar Hussain
    Answer: c) Liton Chakraborty
  2. Which state was Rabiyl Hasan connected with apart from West Bengal and Tripura?
    • a) Assam
    • b) Karnataka
    • c) Tamil Nadu
    • d) All of the above
    Answer: d) All of the above
  3. When was the case originally registered by the Assam Special Task Force?
    • a) September 2023
    • b) October 2023
    • c) November 2023
    • d) December 2023
    Answer: a) September 2023
  4. What was Liton Chakraborty engaged in?
    • a) Transporting trafficked individuals
    • b) Preparing fake Indian ID documents
    • c) Operating a labour camp
    • d) Providing legal assistance
    Answer: b) Preparing fake Indian ID documents
  5. Who is the absconding brother of charge-sheeted accused Amol Chandra Das?
    • a) Kajal Sarkar
    • b) Kamal Das
    • c) Adhir Das
    • d) Jalil Miah
    Answer: b) Kamal Das