Pench Tiger Reserve Implements AI System for Advanced Forest Fire Detection

Pench Tiger Reserve Implements AI System for Advanced Forest Fire Detection

The Pench Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra has introduced an advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) system aimed at early detection of forest fires, as announced on June 26, 2024.

System Components

  1. High-Resolution Camera
    • Installed on an existing tower located at 540 meters above mean sea level near Kirringisarra village.
    • Visual range of 15 kilometers, covering over 350 sq km of the reserve.
  2. Control Room
    • Located at the West Pench range office in Kolitmara.
    • Integrates data from 15 commercial satellite services.


  • AI-Powered Platform (Pantera)
    • Utilizes camera feeds and satellite data for real-time forest fire alerts within 3 minutes.
    • Can differentiate between smoke and clouds using infra-red technology for day and night monitoring, reducing false alarms.
  • Additional Data Integration
    • Receives data on temperature, precipitation, wind, etc.
    • Analyzes historical fire incidences to forecast future fire risks, aiding proactive fire management.
  • Integration with Resources
    • Can connect with water tanks, forest vehicles equipped with GPS for real-time resource management during fire incidents.


  • Enhanced Management Practices
    • Anticipates significant improvement in forest fire management with swift detection and response capabilities.
    • Potential to save extensive forest land and protect wildlife.

Collaboration and Funding

  • Collaborators
    • Pench Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra; Satpuda Foundation; Umgrameio (Brazil); Forest Fire Tech (Scaale Inc, USA).
  • Funding
    • Supported by Solar Industries India Ltd, Nagpur, and the Maharashtra government.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with Answers:

  1. What is the name of the AI-powered platform used for forest fire detection at Pench Tiger Reserve?
    • A) Panthera
    • B) Pantera
    • C) Puma
    • D) Pardus
    • Answer: B) Pantera
  2. Where is the control room for the AI system located within Pench Tiger Reserve?
    • A) Nagpur
    • B) Kolitmara
    • C) Kirringisarra
    • D) Umgrameio
    • Answer: B) Kolitmara
  3. What technology does the AI system use to differentiate between smoke and clouds?
    • A) Ultraviolet
    • B) Infrared
    • C) Microwave
    • D) Radar
    • Answer: B) Infrared
  4. How quickly does the AI system provide alerts for forest fires?
    • A) Within 1 hour
    • B) Within 5 minutes
    • C) Within 10 minutes
    • D) Within 3 minutes
    • Answer: D) Within 3 minutes
  5. Which organization was part of the collaboration for implementing the AI system at Pench Tiger Reserve?
    • A) Forest Fire Tech
    • B) Solar Industries India Ltd
    • C) Maharashtra government
    • D) Umgrameio
    • Answer: A) Forest Fire Tech