How to create videos?

  1. Open your Laptop.
  2. Visit –
  3. Click on News Title and Read News.
  4. Create MCQs in MS Word.
  5. Send this MCQs word file on telegram to 9559022032.
  6. Now, create a power point (PPT) file of MCQs.
  7. Convert it into PDF or use PPT as per your convenience.
  8. Transfer the file to your mobile.
  9. Open the file in mobile.
  10. Open screen recorder app and create a video.
  11. Send the video on telegram to 9559022032.

Tips to make an awesome video

  • Please use the pens in screen recorder app to highlight content.
  • Please speak calmly.
  • Read the questions that you have created at-least once before creating video.
  • Try to explain the questions and answers as much as possible.
  • Speak in Both Hindi and English Language.
  • Don’t get nervous if you forget any something. Just stay calm.

Download PPT Format

Download Screen Recorder App
or use you can use any app that you like