Tragic Electrocution Incident Claims Dasara Elephant Ashwatthama

Tragic Electrocution Incident Claims Dasara Elephant Ashwatthama

In a sorrowful turn of events, Ashwatthama, a prominent elephant celebrated during the Mysuru Dasara festivities, has passed away. The elephant died from electrocution at the Nagarhole Tiger Reserve on Saturday.

Ashwatthama’s Role in Mysuru Dasara

Ashwatthama was a beloved figure in Mysuru, having participated in the grand Dasara celebrations for several years. His sudden death has shocked the local community and wildlife enthusiasts alike.

Discovery of Ashwatthama’s Body

Forest officials discovered Ashwatthama’s body during their routine patrols. Preliminary investigations suggest that the elephant came into contact with an uninsulated electric wire, leading to his electrocution.

Investigation and Preventive Measures

Efforts are now underway to determine how the wire became exposed and to prevent such tragic incidents in the future. Authorities are working closely with the Karnataka Forest Department to enhance safety measures within the reserve. This includes inspecting and securing all electrical installations to ensure the protection of wildlife.

Community and Conservationist Reactions

Ashwatthama’s demise has cast a pall over the region, especially among those who cherished his presence during the annual Dasara festivities. Tributes have been pouring in from various quarters, with many recalling his majestic participation in the grand procession.

Emphasis on Safety Protocols

Conservationists and wildlife officials are using this unfortunate incident to underscore the importance of stringent safety protocols in wildlife reserves. They emphasize that the protection of these gentle giants and other wildlife should be a priority.


The loss of Ashwatthama serves as a grim reminder of the potential dangers wildlife faces in protected areas. As investigations continue, the focus remains on preventing such occurrences in the future and ensuring the safety and well-being of all animals within the reserve.

Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs):

  1. What was the cause of Ashwatthama’s death?
    • A. Natural causes
    • B. Electrocution
    • C. Poaching
    • D. Illness
    Answer: B. Electrocution
  2. Where did Ashwatthama’s death occur?
    • A. Bandipur National Park
    • B. Nagarhole Tiger Reserve
    • C. Bannerghatta National Park
    • D. Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary
    Answer: B. Nagarhole Tiger Reserve
  3. What event was Ashwatthama celebrated for participating in?
    • A. Mysuru Dasara festivities
    • B. Elephant Polo Matches
    • C. Wildlife Photography Contests
    • D. Jungle Safaris
    Answer: A. Mysuru Dasara festivities
  4. What are authorities focusing on after the incident?
    • A. Increasing tourism
    • B. Enhancing safety measures within the reserve
    • C. Introducing more elephants to the reserve
    • D. Building new electrical installations
    Answer: B. Enhancing safety measures within the reserve
  5. Who are using this incident to highlight the importance of safety protocols?
    • A. Local politicians
    • B. Conservationists and wildlife officials
    • C. Tourists
    • D. Electrical engineers
    Answer: B. Conservationists and wildlife officials
  6. What preliminary suggestion was made about how the electrocution happened?
    • A. The elephant was attacked
    • B. Ashwatthama came into contact with an uninsulated electric wire
    • C. There was a lightning strike
    • D. A flood caused electrical malfunctions
    Answer: B. Ashwatthama came into contact with an uninsulated electric wire
  7. Which department is closely working with the authorities to prevent future incidents?
    • A. Karnataka Forest Department
    • B. Department of Agriculture
    • C. Department of Tourism
    • D. Department of Energy
    Answer: A. Karnataka Forest Department