Tragic Incident at Parvati River: Tourist from Haryana Swept Away

Tragic Incident at Parvati River: Tourist from Haryana Swept Away

A tragic incident occurred at Katagala near Manikaran involving a tourist from Haryana who lost her life in the Parvati river.

Details of the Incident

  • Victim’s Background: Kavita, accompanied by her husband Ajay, was from Jhajjar, Haryana.
  • Time and Location: The incident took place around 6:30 pm on Wednesday evening while they were photographing by the Parvati river.
  • Eyewitness Account: According to eyewitnesses, Kavita slipped on the slippery riverbank stones and fell into the fast-flowing Parvati river.
  • Rescue Operation: Despite rescue attempts, Kavita was carried away by the strong currents.
  • Recovery: Her body was found the next day, approximately 4 km downstream from the accident site, near Suma Ropa.


This tragic event highlights the risks associated with photographing near rivers, especially during monsoon when currents are strong.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs):

  1. Where did the incident occur?
    • A) Manali
    • B) Katagala near Manikaran
    • C) Shimla
    • D) Dharamshala
    • Answer: B) Katagala near Manikaran
  2. What caused the victim to fall into the river?
    • A) Strong winds
    • B) Slippery stones
    • C) Heavy rain
    • D) None of the above
    • Answer: B) Slippery stones
  3. How was the victim identified?
    • A) By her husband
    • B) By local authorities
    • C) By a passerby
    • D) By her identity card found nearby
    • Answer: A) By her husband
  4. What was the condition of the river during the incident?
    • A) Calm
    • B) Flooding
    • C) Frozen
    • D) Fast-flowing
    • Answer: D) Fast-flowing
  5. How many similar incidents have occurred in Kullu district recently?
    • A) One
    • B) Two
    • C) Three
    • D) Four
    • Answer: C) Three