Union Minister Grants “Mini RATNA” Status to Central Electronics Limited

Union Minister Grants “Mini RATNA” Status to Central Electronics Limited

Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh announced the grant of “Mini RATNA” status (Category-1) for Central Electronics Limited (CEL) during its Golden Jubilee celebration at the Ghaziabad campus.

Minister’s Congratulatory Message

Dr. Jitendra Singh, who holds multiple portfolios including Science and Technology and Earth Sciences, congratulated CEL on completing 50 years of service to the nation. The Golden Jubilee was celebrated on June 26th with the presence of the Vice President of India, Shri Jagdeep Dhankhar.

Significance of the Celebration

Dr. Jitendra Singh emphasized the significance of the Golden Jubilee being attended by the Vice President, whose presence was seen as a motivating factor for further contributions to the country. He highlighted the hard work, commitment, and vision that have driven CEL’s 50-year journey of excellence.

CEL’s Financial Performance

Dr. Singh highlighted CEL’s remarkable financial stability and profitability, particularly in the last five years. CEL has transformed from a loss-making Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) to a dividend-paying one, achieving a net profit of approximately Rs 58 crore. This marked the third consecutive year CEL has paid increasing dividends to the Government of India.

Prime Minister’s Vision and CEL’s Contributions

Dr. Singh recalled Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Vision of Amrit Kaal, focusing on increasing the indigenization of technology and boosting manufacturing through capacity building and skill development. He lauded CEL’s contributions in defense, railway, security, surveillance, and solar energy, highlighting the company’s role in promoting indigenous technologies and manufacturing capabilities. He also noted the rollout of Smart Boards, which will diversify CEL’s product portfolio and impact smart education implementation in schools.

Employee Engagement and Future Prospects

Dr. Singh expressed satisfaction with CEL Management’s initiatives to strengthen employee engagement, leading to outstanding performance and an all-time high achievement in the last financial year. He affirmed that CEL has met the performance parameters required for the higher status of Mini RATNA (Category-1).

Dignitaries Present

The event was attended by Shri Sunil Kumar Sharma, Cabinet Minister of Uttar Pradesh; Dr. N. Kalaiselvi, Director General of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR); Shri Chetan Jain, Chairman and Managing Director of CEL; and other senior officials of the Government of India.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs):

  1. Who announced the grant of “Mini RATNA” status for CEL?
    • a) Prime Minister Narendra Modi
    • b) Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh
    • c) Vice President Shri Jagdeep Dhankhar
    • d) Shri Sunil Kumar Sharma
    Answer: b) Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh
  2. When did CEL celebrate its Golden Jubilee?
    • a) June 24th
    • b) June 25th
    • c) June 26th
    • d) June 27th
    Answer: c) June 26th
  3. What was CEL’s net profit approximately during the last financial year?
    • a) Rs 50 crore
    • b) Rs 55 crore
    • c) Rs 58 crore
    • d) Rs 60 crore
    Answer: c) Rs 58 crore
  4. Which of the following fields did Dr. Singh highlight as areas of CEL’s contributions?
    • a) Education
    • b) Agriculture
    • c) Defense, Railway, Security, Surveillance, and Solar energy
    • d) Health
    Answer: c) Defense, Railway, Security, Surveillance, and Solar energy
  5. What new product rollout was mentioned by Dr. Singh that will impact smart education in schools?
    • a) Smart Boards
    • b) Smart Phones
    • c) Solar Panels
    • d) Security Cameras
    Answer: a) Smart Boards