Unveiling of V.C Yeshwant Ghadge Sundial Memorial Strengthens India-Italy Historical Bond

In a heartwarming ceremony at Montone, Perugia, Italy, the “V.C Yeshwant Ghadge Sundial Memorial” was jointly unveiled by the Commune of Monotone and Italian military historians. This momentous memorial stands as a testament to the immense valor and sacrifices made by the Indian troops who valiantly fought in the Italian Campaign during the Second World War.

The focal point of the memorial is the heroic tale of Naik Yeshwant Ghadge, a distinguished recipient of the Victoria Cross, who fearlessly laid down his life during the intense battles in the heights of Upper Tiber Valley. His bravery and selflessness are forever etched in the annals of history through this memorial.

The motto, “Omines Sub Eodem Sole,” meaning “We all live under the same sun” in English, encapsulates the spirit of unity and camaraderie among the soldiers who fought side by side on foreign soil.

The Italian Campaign owes a significant debt to the Indian Soldiers, with over 50,000 serving in the 4th, 8th, and 10th Divisions. Their remarkable contributions were recognized with the awarding of 20 Victoria Crosses, an esteemed honor bestowed upon six Indian soldiers.

However, this bravery came at a cost, as the campaign saw 23,722 Indian soldiers endure casualties, including 5,782 who made the ultimate sacrifice. The “V.C Yeshwant Ghadge Sundial Memorial” stands not only as a tribute to their memory but also as a symbol of gratitude and respect for their service.

The unveiling of this memorial not only commemorates history but also serves to strengthen the historical bond between India and Italy. As part of the ceremony, a commemorative postcard was also launched, paying homage to the shared heritage and sacrifices.

The event was graced by distinguished guests, including representatives from the Italian government, military, military historians, and citizens. Admiral Giuseppe Cavo Dragone, Chief of the Defence Staff of Italy, and General Anil Chauhan, Chief of Defence Staff of the Indian Armed Forces, honored the occasion with their presence, further cementing the ties between the two nations.

The “V.C Yeshwant Ghadge Sundial Memorial” will forever stand as a reminder of the profound connection between India and Italy and the brave soldiers who fought together, united under the same sun.