US Withdraws Mid-Range Missile System from Philippines Amidst Regional Tensions

US Withdraws Mid-Range Missile System from Philippines Amidst Regional Tensions

In response to regional concerns and objections, the US Mid-Range Capability missile system, deployed in the northern Philippines, is set to be withdrawn by September, possibly earlier.

Announcement by Philippine Army Spokesperson

Colonel Louie Dema-ala, spokesperson for the Philippine Army, confirmed the withdrawal plan on July 4, highlighting the system’s deployment earlier this year.

Capabilities and Usage

The system includes launch capabilities for SM-6 and Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles, utilized during annual exercises but not in live-fire training.

US Strategic Decision and Treaty Background

The US decision to deploy medium-range missile systems follows its withdrawal from the US-Soviet INF Treaty in 2019, citing treaty violations by Moscow and responding to China’s military advancements.

Chinese Objections

China has strongly objected to the presence of these missiles in the Philippines, citing concerns over regional stability and security, expressed by Defense Minister Dong Jun.

Typhon Missile System

The Typhon system integrates SM-6 and Tomahawk missiles, addressing operational gaps between short-range and future long-range weapons, enhancing US precision strike capabilities.

Operational Details and Deployment Considerations

The system includes a battery operations center, launchers, prime movers, and trailers, designed for mobility and operational flexibility in strategic locations like Japan or US territories.

Military Strategy

In response to China’s military capabilities, particularly in missile technology, the deployment aims to bolster US deterrence measures and multi-domain operations in the Indo-Pacific region.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with Answers:

  1. What system did the US deploy in the northern Philippines earlier this year?
    • A) Long-Range Hypersonic Weapon
    • B) Typhon Missile System
    • C) Precision Strike Missile (PrSM)
    • D) Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty
    Answer: B) Typhon Missile System
  2. Which treaty did the US withdraw from in 2019, allowing the deployment of medium-range missiles?
    • A) Warsaw Pact
    • B) NATO Charter
    • C) INF Treaty
    • D) Geneva Convention
    Answer: C) INF Treaty
  3. What is the primary purpose of SM-6 missiles integrated into the Typhon system?
    • A) Anti-ship operations
    • B) Subsonic strike capability
    • C) Land-based defense
    • D) Long-range hypersonic strikes
    Answer: A) Anti-ship operations
  4. Where might the US deploy the Typhon system to enhance deterrence against Chinese military activities?
    • A) China
    • B) Taiwan
    • C) Japan
    • D) Philippines
    Answer: C) Japan
  5. What is the main concern expressed by China regarding the deployment of US medium-range missiles in the Asia-Pacific region?
    • A) Economic instability
    • B) Regional security and stability
    • C) Military cooperation
    • D) Humanitarian crisis
    Answer: B) Regional security and stability