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What is ‘waterfall implosion’ technique used to demolish Noida Supertech Twin Towers

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Waterfall Implosion Technique: The nearly 100-metre-tall twin towers in Noida were safely demolished on August 28 using a method known as the ‘waterfall implosion’ technique. Let’s learn about this technique in detail. Click here to Join telegram study group 

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There are basically three techniques to safely raze down any structure of such a scale: diamond cutter, use of robots and implosion.

1. ‘Diamond cutter’ technique: Under this technique, each pillar, wall and beam would have to be cut and separated with the help of a crane from top to bottom. This technique would have taken about two years to completely demolish the building and it would have cost five times compared to the ‘implosion’ technique.

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2. Robotics technology: This technique creates heavy noise, which would have caused inconvenience to the residents of Emerald Court and ATS Village. The demolition of the building would have cost less compared to the diamond cutter technique but more than an ‘implosion’. It would have taken about one-and-a-half to two years to demolish the illegal structures.

3. Implosion: This technique is used when you want the structure to collapse inwards and onto itself. It requires explosives and detonators. For that to happen, engineers tactfully remove the supporting structure of a building at a certain point that brings it down upon itself. To do so, explosives are drilled into key components of the building that support the structure at different levels from bottom to top.

This method of demolition of the building was chosen on three grounds – cost, time and safety.

Why Twin Towers were demolished?

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The twin towers are being demolished in pursuance of a Supreme Court order of August 2021 that found their construction within the Emerald Court society premises in violation of norms.

What preparations were done?

Over 5,000 residents of Emerald Court and ATS Village the two closest societies to the twin towers will be evacuated on Sunday by 7 am. Some 2,700 of their vehicles will also be removed from the premises and the residents will have to take away their pets too with them.

An exclusion zone will be created in a radius of up to 500 metres around the twin towers where no human or animal would be allowed except for a team of Indian and foreign blasters engaged in the demolition.

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Over 3,700 kg explosives were used to implode the two towers, leaving behind an estimated 55,000 tonnes to 80,000 tonnes of debris which would take at least three months to be cleared from the site.

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