2,000-Year-Old Buddha Sculpture Seized At Attari Border In Punjab

An antique stone sculpture of Buddha dating back to 2nd or 3rd century was seized by custom officials in Amritsar. A passenger of foreign nationality, who arrived in India via Integrated Check Post on the Attari-Wagah border with Pakistan, was intercepted and his baggage was examined.

Upon investigation, the officers detected a stone sculpture of Buddha, said Commissioner of Customs (Amritsar).  The matter was referred to the office of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) Chandigarh circle.

The ASI has now given report confirming that the sculpture fragment appears to be Buddha of the Gandhara School of Art and tentatively datable to 2nd or 3rd CE and falls under the category of antiquity under the Antiquities and Art Treasure Act, 1972.

The stone sculpture has been seized under the Customs Act and Art Treasure Act, 1972, and further investigation is underway.