66th Network Planning Group Meeting Evaluates Key Infrastructure Projects for Regional Development

66th Network Planning Group Meeting Evaluates Key Infrastructure Projects for Regional Development

The 66th meeting of the Network Planning Group (NPG) held on 27 February 2024 in New Delhi, chaired by Shri Rajeev Singh Thakur, Additional Secretary of DPIIT, evaluated projects from MoRTH and MoR.

Projects Evaluated

  1. NH 216H Upgradation (Andhra Pradesh)
    • Type: Brownfield
    • Length: Approximately 120.85 km
    • Objective: Enhance interconnectivity, particularly for Machilipatnam port and Gudiviada and Machilipatnam Railway station, boosting economic growth and saving time/cost for inter-city travel.
  2. Indore Bypass Project (Madhya Pradesh)
    • Type: Greenfield
    • Length: 141 km
    • Objective: Reduce traffic congestion in Indore, offering an alternative route, and ensuring seamless transportation of goods and people.
  3. Guwahati Ring Road (Assam)
    • Type: Brownfield
    • Length: Approximately 64 km
    • Objective: Decongest Guwahati city and major junctions under Kamrup metropolitan district, reducing travel time and vehicle operating cost, contributing to congestion solution and improving connectivity.

Ministry of Railways (MoR)

  1. New BG Line Project (Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh)
    • Type: Greenfield
    • Length: 309 km
    • Objective: Connect Manmad and Dr. Ambedkar Nagar (Mhow), opening a direct route from Mumbai to Indore, fostering improved connectivity and socio-economic growth in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.
  2. Phaphamau-Unchahar Doubling Project (Uttar Pradesh)
    • Type: Brownfield
    • Length: 72.27 km
    • Objective: Improve connectivity, reduce travel time, and enhance operating efficiency.

Attendees and Discussions

  • Participants: NPG members from respective infrastructure Ministries, officials from infrastructure Ministries, representatives from States where projects would be implemented.
  • Discussion Focus: Integrated planning based on PM GatiShakti and area development approach for regional socio-economic upliftment.
  • Evaluation Criteria: Planning/mapping on PM GatiShakti NMP, focusing on improving connectivity with economic/social nodes, ensuring first/last mile connectivity, and multi-modal infrastructure.

Key Outcomes

  • Integration: Projects integrate diverse modes of transportation.
  • Advantages: Provide significant socio-economic benefits.
  • Development: Contribute to comprehensive regional development.

Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs):

  1. What was the objective of the NH 216H Upgradation project?
    • A) Reduce traffic congestion
    • B) Enhance interconnectivity
    • C) Improve railway infrastructure
    • D) Expand port facilities
    • Answer: B) Enhance interconnectivity
  2. Which project aimed to open a direct route from Mumbai to Indore?
    • A) Indore Bypass Project
    • B) Guwahati Ring Road
    • C) New BG Line Project
    • D) Phaphamau-Unchahar Doubling Project
    • Answer: C) New BG Line Project
  3. What was the focus of discussions during the meeting?
    • A) Improving healthcare facilities
    • B) Enhancing educational infrastructure
    • C) Integrated planning for regional development
    • D) Environmental conservation measures
    • Answer: C) Integrated planning for regional development