AAI signs MoU with Sweden to facilitate smart and sustainable aviation technology collaboration

Airports Authority of India (AAI) and LFV Air Navigation Services of Sweden (LUFTFARTSVERKET) signed a Memorandum of Understanding at the Corporate Headquarters of AAI in New Delhi.

The agreement brings together two air navigation service providers, India and Sweden, with demonstrated capabilities in building and operationalizing the next generation of sustainable aviation technology, to explore smart aviation solutions. This MoU shall pave the way for bi-lateral exchange of aviation expertise and technology between the two countries. It will allow the Indian companies to accelerate growth while leveraging Swedish innovation and expertise. Under the aegis of the MoU, the companies can collaborate in areas of mutual interest.

AAI and LFV, both Government agencies of India and Sweden respectively, will jointly collaborate on the following co-operation areas:

  1. Air Traffic Management
  2. Air Traffic Control
  3. Remote Airport Management and Traffic Control
  4. Airspace Design and Planning
  5. Airport Design and Infrastructure
  6. Digitalized Airport and Aviation
  7. Capability and Training
  8. Sustainable Airports and Aviation
  9. Processes for pilots
  10. Processes for scale-up