Amit Shah Inaugurates IFFCO’s Nano DAP Plant at Kalol in Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Amit Shah Inaugurates IFFCO's Nano DAP Plant at Kalol in Gandhinagar, Gujarat
Amit Shah Inaugurates IFFCO's Nano DAP Plant at Kalol in Gandhinagar, Gujarat

In a momentous occasion for India’s agricultural industry, Union Home Minister Amit Shah inaugurated the Nano DAP plant in Kalol, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, as part of the Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative (IFFCO) initiative. The plant’s inauguration is expected to have far-reaching implications for enhancing agricultural productivity and ensuring food security in the country.

Nano DAP (Diammonium Phosphate) is a crucial fertiliser used to provide essential nutrients to crops, enhancing their growth and yield. The manufacturing of this vital agricultural input is a significant step towards achieving Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ (self-reliant India) in the agricultural sector.

IFFCO, a leading cooperative in the field of fertilisers, has established the Nano DAP plant in Kalol with state-of-the-art technology to produce high-quality fertilisers efficiently. This initiative aims to bolster India’s agriculture sector by ensuring the availability of top-tier fertilisers for farmers across the country.

During the inauguration, Amit Shah praised the efforts of IFFCO and highlighted the plant’s role in promoting self-reliance in agriculture. He emphasized that ensuring farmers have access to modern and effective fertilisers is vital for increasing agricultural productivity and improving the livelihoods of millions of farmers.

The Nano DAP plant in Kalol is expected to produce fertilisers that are not only of superior quality but also more cost-effective. This will directly benefit Indian farmers by providing them with access to affordable and efficient agricultural inputs, ultimately resulting in improved crop yields.

The inauguration of this advanced fertiliser plant by IFFCO reflects the government’s commitment to modernizing and strengthening India’s agricultural infrastructure. It is a testament to the nation’s efforts to become self-reliant in the production of agricultural inputs, reduce dependency on imports, and support the agricultural community.

The Nano DAP plant’s launch is seen as a significant milestone in India’s agricultural journey, and it is expected to contribute to the country’s food security and overall economic growth. The efficient production of high-quality fertilisers like Nano DAP will play a pivotal role in ensuring that farmers have access to the resources needed to thrive and meet the growing demands of the nation.