Amit Shah launched e-FIR system in Gujarat

Union Minister Home Minister Amit Shah launched the e-FIR system in Gandhinagar which will enable the citizens to file an FIR online, without visiting the police stations.

Under the guidance of Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel, important services of Gujarat Police will be made available online.

Now citizens of the state need not go to the police station to register a complaint of vehicle theft or mobile phone theft. Through this online service, the citizens of the state will be able to file complaints online at home.

Within 48 hours of registering the FIR, the police will contact the complainant directly and visit the scene of vehicle theft/mobile phone theft and complete the investigation within 21 days and send a report to the court. The complainant will also be informed about the registration of this online complaint and the progress made in the investigation through Email/SMS. And at the same time, the insurance company will also be informed by the police through email/SMS so that it will help the plaintiff to get his insurance claim easily.

Through the e-FIR online service, the citizens of the state will not need to go to the police station to file a complaint and the time of the citizens will be saved and the complaints will be disposed of quickly. Thus, e-FIR online service will be very useful for the citizens of the state.

e-FIR service has been coordinated with the Gujarat State Police CCTV Command and Control. After the e-FIR will be registered, if the vehicle passes through the road, the vehicle number will be immediately flashed at the CCTV command and control and through which the crime of theft can be detected immediately.