Asmita Dey Clinches Gold at Junior Asia Cup Judo Championship in Macau

Asmita Dey, hailing from Tripura, has etched her name in the annals of Indian judo history with a remarkable gold medal victory at the Junior Asia Cup Judo Championship 2023 in Macau, China. Competing in the fiercely contested 48 kg category, the 20-year-old judoka displayed unparalleled skill and determination throughout the tournament, emerging triumphant against opponents from 27 countries.

Her journey to the gold medal began with an exceptional performance in Group D during the preliminary round, where she secured a decisive victory against Hong Kong’s Suet Yiu Tang. Asmita’s momentum continued in the semi-final, where she overcame Australia’s Ashlyn Do, paving her way to the final.

In the championship match, Asmita faced Australia’s Anneliese Fielder, and with grit and precision, she emerged victorious, securing the coveted gold medal. Her stellar performance added to India’s pride as she contributed significantly to the country’s medal tally at the Macau Junior Asia Cup judo event.

This achievement marks Asmita Dey as a rising star in Indian judo and reinforces the nation’s prowess in the sport on the international stage. As India celebrates her success, it also reflects on the dedication and hard work put in by athletes like Asmita, who strive to bring glory to the country through their exceptional talents and achievements in various sports.

With this gold medal win, Asmita Dey’s name will be forever associated with excellence and determination, inspiring young athletes across the country to pursue their dreams and reach new heights in the world of judo. As India’s judo fraternity basks in the glow of Asmita’s success, the future of Indian judo shines bright with promising talents, ready to make their mark on the global stage.

President of the International Judo Federation, Marius Vizer, congratulated Asmita Dey and all the other Indian athletes who demonstrated exceptional skills and sportsmanship at the Junior Asia Cup Judo Championship, further strengthening India’s presence and reputation in the world of judo.