Bangladesh: Over three million children trapped in child labour, one in two girls suffer child marriage

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Over three million children in Bangladesh are trapped in child labour of which 1.3 million are in hazardous forms of Child Labour. One in five children do not complete primary school. Nearly half of children don’t have birth registration.

Over 1 lakh children are in institutional care and lack family support. One in every two girls is made to marry while still a child. This was revealed in a survey jointly conducted in all the 64 districts of the country by the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics and UNICEF.

In order to tackle the Child protection related issues in the country, the Government of Bangladesh announced that it will triple the number of social workers from 3000 to 9000.

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The government commitment came up after the National Household Survey revealed that 45 million children, constituting 89 percent of the total, are regularly subjected to physical and psychological violence at home.

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