Cashfree Payments Collaborates with Yes Bank to Provide Global Collections Service for Exporters


Cashfree Payments, a prominent player in the Indian digital payments sector, has recently partnered with Yes Bank, one of India’s largest private sector banks, to launch an innovative global collections service tailored to meet the needs of exporters.

Exporters often face challenges when it comes to receiving payments from international clients due to complexities in cross-border transactions. The collaboration between Cashfree Payments and Yes Bank aims to address these challenges by offering exporters a comprehensive solution that enables efficient and hassle-free global trade.

Cashfree Payments brings its cutting-edge technology and expertise in digital payments to the partnership. The platform offers a wide range of payment solutions, including payment gateway services, payment links, subscription billing, and more. By integrating Cashfree’s services with Yes Bank’s extensive banking network, exporters can now access a streamlined and secure payment infrastructure.

The global collections service provided by Cashfree Payments and Yes Bank offers exporters several key advantages. Firstly, it allows exporters to receive payments in multiple currencies, simplifying the process and eliminating the need for currency conversions. Secondly, the service offers real-time tracking of payments, ensuring transparency and enabling exporters to monitor the status of their transactions effortlessly.

Additionally, exporters can leverage Cashfree’s expertise in compliance and regulatory requirements to navigate the complexities associated with cross-border transactions. The partnership aims to minimize the risks and challenges often faced by exporters, such as delays in receiving payments or compliance-related issues.

Both Cashfree Payments and Yes Bank have a strong focus on technology and innovation, making this collaboration a natural fit. By combining their respective strengths, the two companies are well-positioned to cater to the evolving needs of exporters in an increasingly globalized marketplace.

With this strategic collaboration, Cashfree Payments and Yes Bank aim to empower exporters with a robust global collections service that enhances efficiency, reduces transactional friction, and fosters greater growth opportunities. This initiative is expected to have a positive impact on India’s export industry by facilitating smoother international trade and expanding global business networks.

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