Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann Announces Monument to Honor Saragarhi Martyrs in Ferozepur

Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann Announces Monument to Honor Saragarhi Martyrs in Ferozepur
Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann Announces Monument to Honor Saragarhi Martyrs in Ferozepur

In a formal gathering convened in Ferozepur, Punjab, Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann made a momentous announcement, paying homage to the courageous Sikh warriors who laid down their lives in the hallowed Battle of Saragarhi. A state-of-the-art monument, envisioned to commemorate the valor of these 21 brave soldiers, is set to adorn the landscape of Ferozepur, with an ambitious completion timeline of just six months.

The Battle of Saragarhi, etched in history on September 12, 1897, near Samana Ridge (now in Pakistan), stands as an extraordinary testament to military bravery. In the face of nearly 10,000 Afghan assailants, 21 soldiers from the 36 Sikhs regiment displayed unwavering resolve, choosing martyrdom over surrender. This unparalleled act of heroism remains an enduring chapter in India’s military heritage, symbolizing the unyielding spirit of the Punjabi warriors when confronted with the ultimate test of courage.

Chief Minister Mann took the occasion to express his disappointment with previous administrations for neglecting the historical significance of this sacred site. Despite a 2019 promise to erect a memorial and an allocation of Rs 1 crore for the purpose, progress stagnated due to a shortfall of Rs 25 lakh in funding.

To ensure the timely realization of this monument, Chief Minister Mann personally pledged to oversee its construction progress in the ensuing months. He unequivocally stated that any unwarranted delays or instances of corruption during the project’s execution would be met with stern repercussions for those involved.

Beyond the Saragarhi memorial, Chief Minister Mann unveiled an ambitious vision for Ferozepur district as a preeminent tourism destination within the state. This district, steeped in historical significance, not only houses the Saragarhi memorial but also the Hussainiwala Memorial, the sacred ground where revered freedom fighters Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Shaheed Sukhdev, and Shaheed Rajguru made the ultimate sacrifice. Chief Minister Mann aspires to showcase these historically rich sites on the global stage, drawing tourists from near and far.

Emphatically, Chief Minister Mann reiterated the state government’s unwavering commitment to ensuring that this iconic “Last Stand” serves as an everlasting source of inspiration and motivation for future generations. The Saragarhi Battle Warriors epitomize the indomitable determination and valor of Sikh warriors who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of their homeland.

In his address, Chief Minister Mann reminded the audience that Punjab is a land of heroes, where the legacy of martyrs is etched into the very fabric of every village and every inch of its sacred soil. He spoke passionately about the indomitable spirit, tireless toil, and unwavering resilience of the Punjabi people, which have firmly established their place in the annals of history.