Chinook Helicopter Makes Precautionary Landing in Punjab

Chinook Helicopter Makes Precautionary Landing in Punjab

A Chinook helicopter belonging to the Indian Air Force encountered a technical issue, leading to a precautionary landing near Punjab’s Barnala. The incident occurred during a routine flying sortie, and fortunately, both the crew and the helicopter are reported to be safe.


  • The incident occurred on Sunday, near Punjab’s Barnala.
  • The helicopter landed safely in an open field.
  • A recovery team has been dispatched to the site.

Enquiry and Technical Details:

  • The reason behind the technical snag remains unknown.
  • An inquiry by the Indian Air Force will determine the cause.

Comparison with US Army’s Chinook Fleet:

  • In 2022, the US Army grounded its Chinook fleet due to engine fires.
  • Boeing’s India chief reassured that Indian Air Force Chinooks don’t face similar issues.

Chinook Helicopter’s Role and Deployment:

  • Chinook helicopters serve strategic airlift and humanitarian roles for the Indian Air Force.
  • The fleet is stationed in Chandigarh for northern operations and in Assam for northeastern areas.

Chinook Helicopter Features:

  • The Chinook helicopters were inducted into the Indian Air Force in 2019.
  • They possess a tandem-rotor design, facilitating heavy-lift capabilities.
  • This design enhances stability, control, agility, and performance, especially in windy conditions.

Service Ceiling and Unique Capabilities:

  • The Chinook helicopter boasts a service ceiling of 20,000 feet.
  • It is renowned for its ability to transport troops, heavy cargo, tanks, relief aid, and artillery in various operational scenarios.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs):

  1. Where did the precautionary landing of the Chinook helicopter occur?
    • A) Rajasthan
    • B) Punjab
    • C) Assam
    • D) Maharashtra
    Answer: B) Punjab
  2. What was the reason for the precautionary landing of the Chinook helicopter?
    • A) Engine failure
    • B) Technical snag
    • C) Weather conditions
    • D) Pilot error
    Answer: B) Technical snag
  3. Where are the Indian Air Force’s Chinook helicopters based for operations in the north?
    • A) Mumbai
    • B) Chandigarh
    • C) Delhi
    • D) Kolkata
    Answer: B) Chandigarh
  4. What is a notable feature of the Chinook helicopter’s design that provides increased stability and control?
    • A) Single rotor
    • B) Dual engines
    • C) Tandem rotor
    • D) Folding wings
    Answer: C) Tandem rotor
  5. What is the service ceiling of the Chinook helicopter?
    • A) 10,000 feet
    • B) 15,000 feet
    • C) 20,000 feet
    • D) 25,000 feet
    Answer: C) 20,000 feet