Coursera Global Skills Report 2022

Coursera’s latest Global Skills Report (GSR) 2022 has revealed India’s overall skills proficiency has slipped four places to be ranked at the 68th position globally.

In Asia, India stands at the 19th position. The report findings further revealed an increase in India’s technology proficiency levels from 38% to 46%, with the country strengthening its position by six spots. On the other hand, proficiency in data science has dipped from 38% in 2021 to 26% in 2022, leading to a 12-rank drop.

Morever, Learners in India are concentrating on financial skills. The government, along with online learning platforms, fin-techs and experts in the financial sector, have been emphasizing the need for new-age financial skills. Learners in India are over-indexed in skills such as investment management (1.38x), blockchain (1.33x) and risk management (1.22x).

According to the GSR, West Bengal leads the Indian states in terms of skills proficiency. West Bengal is ranked one state across the three domains. The state showed the highest levels of digital skills proficiency in the country, outpacing Karnataka. Learners in West Bengal also earned a perfect 100% proficiency in more than 10 skills, across the three domains, such as leadership and management, human resources, cloud computing, computer programming, machine learning, and data analysis.

Andhra Pradesh is one of the top three performing states with high proficiency in business and technology skills. The government’s coordinated approach to skill development, public-private partnerships, and synergy through institutions like Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation (APSSDC), has created a robust pool of skilled workers. The state learners have 100% proficiency in security engineering, operating systems, and computer networking.

The Global Skills Report draws data from 100 million learners in more than 100 countries who have used Coursera to develop a new skill during the past year. The report benchmarks three of the most in-demand skill areas driving employment in the digital economy – business, technology, and data science. For the first time, this year’s report also highlights changes in ranking for each country, and state-specific data for the United States and India, where regional variations are notable. According to the GSR 2022, Indian learners in southern states perform better than those in states in the north across all the three domains.