Cryonics Milestone in Australia: First Client Frozen at Southern Cryonics Facility

Cryonics Milestone in Australia: First Client Frozen at Southern Cryonics Facility

The cryonics industry has reached a significant milestone in Australia with the freezing of its first client at Southern Cryonics’ facility in Holbrook. This process, aimed at preserving the body with the hope of future revival, involves intricate procedures and substantial costs.

The Freezing Process

  1. Client Preparation and Procedure
    • The first client, an octogenarian from Sydney, was subjected to cryonic preservation immediately upon death.
    • The preservation process lasted for approximately 10 hours and commenced with the body being cooled down to 6 degrees Celsius using ice packs.
    • A specialized liquid, acting as an anti-freeze, was circulated through the body to preserve cellular structure while lowering its temperature.
    • The body was then enclosed in a unique sleeping bag and further cooled to minus 80 degrees Celsius using dry ice.
    • Transport to the Holbrook facility occurred the following day, where the body’s temperature was further reduced to minus 200 degrees Celsius upon the arrival of liquid nitrogen.
    • The final step involved depositing the body in a vacuum storage pod designed for long-term preservation.
  2. Cost and Financing
    • The entire preservation process, inclusive of medical team fees, amounted to $170,000.
    • This significant investment is deemed necessary to enhance the chances of successful future resuscitation.

Insights and Future Outlook

  1. Operational Challenges and Preparedness
    • The facility manager, Philip Rhoades, acknowledged the stress and challenges associated with the first preservation.
    • Despite thorough preparation, the unexpected nature of the client’s arrival presented additional hurdles.
    • The team diligently tested equipment and procedures, underscoring the importance of readiness in cryonic preservation.
  2. Facility Capacity and Expansion
    • Southern Cryonics’ Holbrook facility currently houses one dewar capable of accommodating four bodies.
    • With potential expansion capabilities, the facility aims to accommodate up to 40 bodies, indicating anticipated growth in demand for cryonic services.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with Answers:

  1. What temperature was the client’s body cooled to before being transported to the Holbrook facility?
    • A) Minus 80 degrees Celsius
    • B) Minus 200 degrees Celsius
    • C) 6 degrees Celsius
    • D) Room temperature
    • Answer: C) 6 degrees Celsius
  2. What is the purpose of circulating a specialized liquid through the body during cryonic preservation?
    • A) To increase the body’s temperature
    • B) To preserve cellular structure
    • C) To induce rapid freezing
    • D) To stimulate biological functions
    • Answer: B) To preserve cellular structure
  3. How much did the entire preservation process cost the client?
    • A) $50,000
    • B) $100,000
    • C) $170,000
    • D) $200,000
    • Answer: C) $170,000
  4. What is the current capacity of Southern Cryonics’ Holbrook facility in terms of the number of bodies it can accommodate?
    • A) 10 bodies
    • B) 20 bodies
    • C) 30 bodies
    • D) 40 bodies
    • Answer: D) 40 bodies