D Gukesh Becomes Youngest Challenger to World Chess Title

D Gukesh Becomes Youngest Challenger to World Chess Title

India’s 17-year-old Grandmaster, D Gukesh, created history by winning the Candidates Chess Tournament in Toronto. This victory made him the youngest ever challenger to the world title.

Championship Match

Gukesh will face China’s Ding Liren, the reigning world champion, for the crown in November.

Tournament Performance

Gukesh accumulated nine out of a possible 14 points in the tournament. He secured his victory by drawing his 14th and final round game against Hikaru Nakamura.

Notable Achievement

Gukesh became only the second Indian, after Viswanathan Anand, to win the Candidates Chess Tournament. Anand’s triumph in the tournament occurred in 2014.

Previous Achievements

Gukesh had previously earned the Grandmaster title at the age of 12, making him the third-youngest to achieve this feat. Additionally, he won a silver medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games last year.

Prize Money

By winning the 2024 Candidates Chess Tournament, Gukesh earned a total prize money of €111,000 (~ Rs 98 lakhs). Additionally, he received €3,500 for every half-point scored, leading to his total earnings.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs):

  1. At what age did D Gukesh win the Candidates Chess Tournament?
    • A) 16
    • B) 17
    • C) 18
    • D) 19
    Answer: B) 17
  2. Who will Gukesh face for the world title in November?
    • A) Magnus Carlsen
    • B) Ding Liren
    • C) Ian Nepomniachtchi
    • D) Hikaru Nakamura
    Answer: B) Ding Liren
  3. How many points did Gukesh accumulate in the Candidates Chess Tournament?
    • A) 10
    • B) 11
    • C) 12
    • D) 9
    Answer: D) 9
  4. Who was the first Indian to win the Candidates Chess Tournament?
    • A) Hikaru Nakamura
    • B) Viswanathan Anand
    • C) Fabiano Caruana
    • D) Ding Liren
    Answer: B) Viswanathan Anand
  5. How much prize money did Gukesh earn for winning the tournament?
    • A) €79,500
    • B) €111,000
    • C) €48,000
    • D) €63,000
    Answer: B) €111,000