DST Scheme Cancellation Raises Concerns Among Researchers

DST Scheme Cancellation Raises Concerns Among Researchers

The recent decision by the Department of Science and Technology (DST) to cancel a call for proposals under the SATHI program has sent shockwaves through the Indian academic community. Researchers, who were relying on the program to fund the purchase of sophisticated equipment essential for their research, are now facing an uncertain future.

The SATHI program, which stands for “Scheme for Augmentation of Higher Education Institutions for Research, Innovation and Development,” was launched in 2019 with the aim of providing financial assistance to higher education institutions (HEIs) to procure high-end equipment for research and development. The program was particularly beneficial for institutions that lacked the resources to independently invest in such equipment.

The sudden cancellation of the program has left many researchers scrambling for alternative funding sources. Some institutions have expressed concerns that the move could hinder their research activities and ultimately impact the quality of higher education in India.

The DST, in its official communication to HEIs, has stated that the cancellation is due to a “review and restructuring” of the program. However, the lack of clarity on the future of the program has heightened the anxiety among researchers.

The academic community is now calling for greater transparency from the DST regarding the future of the SATHI program. They are also urging the government to provide alternative mechanisms for funding research equipment, ensuring that India’s research efforts do not suffer from a lack of resources.

The cancellation of the SATHI program serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by the Indian research community in securing adequate funding. It is imperative that the government prioritize research and development and provide the necessary support to enable India to compete globally in the field of science and technology.