Elisabeth Borne appointed new Prime Minister of France

French President Emmanuel Macron has named Elisabeth Borne as the country’s new Prime Minister. Elisabeth Borne is a former Minister of transport, ecology and labour. She is the second woman to hold the position after Edith Cresson (1991-1992) under President Francois Mitterrand.

About France

France is a transcontinental country spanning Western Europe and overseas regions and territories in the Americas and the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. France lies near the western end of the great Eurasian landmass, largely between latitudes 42° and 51° N.

  • Prime minister: Élisabeth Borne
  • Capital: Paris
  • Dialing code: +33
  • President: Emmanuel Macron
  • Population: 6.74 crores (2020)


In ancient times France was part of the Celtic territory known as Gaul or Gallia. Its present name is derived from the Latin Francia, meaning “country of the Franks,” a Germanic people who conquered the area during the 5th century, at the time of the fall of the Western Roman Empire.