Escalating Tensions: Tamil Nadu and Kerala Clash Over Mullaperiyar Dam Project

Escalating Tensions: Tamil Nadu and Kerala Clash Over Mullaperiyar Dam Project

The Mullaperiyar dam dispute involves Tamil Nadu and Kerala, neighboring states in southern India. The disagreement centers around a proposed mega parking project near the dam site, with Tamil Nadu advocating for its implementation and Kerala opposing it.

Tamil Nadu’s Perspective:

Tamil Nadu rebuffs the Survey of India’s report, alleging bias and inaccuracies. They argue that the project does not endanger the dam’s structural integrity and is necessary to manage increasing tourist numbers.

Kerala’s Perspective:

Kerala opposes the project due to concerns about environmental degradation and risks to downstream communities’ lives and livelihoods. They cite the Survey of India’s report as evidence supporting their stance.

Legal Intervention:

The Supreme Court has intervened, setting a deadline of July 10 for resolving legal issues related to the disputed project. This underscores the seriousness of the situation and the need for a resolution.

Historical Context:

The two states have a long-standing legal battle over the dam’s management and associated projects. The Supreme Court has frequently been involved in adjudicating various aspects of the dispute.

Resolution Efforts:

The impending deadline offers an opportunity for both states to negotiate a solution that addresses their concerns while ensuring the safety of the region’s inhabitants.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs):

  1. What is the primary point of contention between Tamil Nadu and Kerala regarding the Mullaperiyar dam?
    • A) Environmental degradation
    • B) Structural integrity of the dam
    • C) Tourist influx management
    • D) Downstream community livelihoods
    • Answer: B) Structural integrity of the dam
  2. Why does Tamil Nadu reject the Survey of India’s report?
    • A) Alleged bias and inaccuracies
    • B) Lack of relevant data
    • C) Political interference
    • D) Unavailability of experts
    • Answer: A) Alleged bias and inaccuracies
  3. What is the Supreme Court’s role in the Mullaperiyar dam dispute?
    • A) Enforcing construction regulations
    • B) Assessing environmental impact
    • C) Adjudicating legal issues
    • D) Overseeing tourism management
    • Answer: C) Adjudicating legal issues
  4. Why does Kerala oppose the proposed mega parking project?
    • A) Tourist safety concerns
    • B) Environmental preservation
    • C) Economic implications
    • D) Cultural significance
    • Answer: B) Environmental preservation
  5. What opportunity does the impending deadline offer to Tamil Nadu and Kerala?
    • A) Legal renegotiation
    • B) Environmental assessment
    • C) Mutual resolution efforts
    • D) Infrastructure development
    • Answer: C) Mutual resolution efforts