ESIC Clinches Prestigious “ISSA Vision Zero 2023” Award at Global Safety and Health Congress in Sydney

ESIC Clinches Prestigious “ISSA Vision Zero 2023” Award at Global Safety and Health Congress in Sydney

The Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) has been honored with the prestigious “ISSA Vision Zero 2023” Award during the 23rd World Congress on Safety and Health at Work in Sydney, Australia. This recognition is a testament to ESIC’s commitment to a transformative approach known as “Vision Zero,” aimed at preventing workplace accidents by integrating safety, health, and well-being across all levels of work.

ESIC secured the “ISSA Vision Zero 2023” Award in acknowledgment of its notable achievements in promoting safety and health in workplaces. The organization demonstrated success through its comprehensive strategy that combines accident prevention measures with post-accident medical care and cash benefits for workers and their dependents. The award also highlights the advancements made in the service delivery of the ESI Corporation, emphasizing the improvements in administrative and operational efficiency achieved through IT-enabled initiatives.

Dr. Rajendra Kumar, Director General of ESIC, accepted the award on behalf of the organization at the World Congress on Safety and Health at Work.

The International Social Security Association (ISSA) stands as the principal international institution that unites social security agencies and organizations globally. Established in 1927, the ISSA operates from its headquarters at the International Labour Office in Geneva, with a mission to promote dynamic social security in a globalized world by supporting excellence in social security administration. The ISSA offers resources such as information, expert advice, business standards, practical guidelines, and platforms for members to establish and enhance dynamic social security systems worldwide, in alignment with its vision.

The Liaison Office of ISSA for South Asia operates from the headquarters of the ESI Corporation. This office plays a crucial role in closely coordinating with member countries including Bhutan, Iran, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan. Its focus is on building consensus on topics related to social security for research and fostering collaboration among these nations.