The Indian Air Force (IAF) is set to conduct Exercise Vayu Shakti-24 on 17 February 2024 at the Pokhran Air to Ground Range, near Jaisalmer.

Historical Context

The previous edition of Exercise Vayu Shakti took place on 16 February 2019, making this event a notable continuation of the series.

Scope of Demonstrations

Exercise Vayu Shakti-24 promises to be an impactful showcase of the offensive and defensive capabilities of the IAF. The demonstrations will extend across both day and night, emphasizing the prowess of the Indian Air Force in varied conditions.

Collaboration with Indian Army

In line with the tradition, this year’s exercise will feature joint operations with the Indian Army, underlining the importance of coordinated military efforts.

Aircraft Participation

A total of 121 aircraft will be part of Exercise Vayu Shakti-24. The lineup includes a variety of aircraft, such as the indigenous Tejas, Prachand, and Dhruv, along with internationally acclaimed models like Rafale, Mirage-2000, Sukhoi-30 MKI, Jaguar, Hawk, C-130J, Chinook, Apache, and Mi-17.

Weapon Systems

Indigenous Surface to Air Weapon systems Akash and Samar will play a crucial role in the exercise, showcasing their capability to track and eliminate intruding aircraft.

Precision and Range

The primary focus of the exercise is to highlight the IAF’s proficiency in delivering weapons with long-range precision, as well as accurately deploying conventional weapons. The demonstrations will emphasize timeliness and devastating effects, all while operating from multiple air bases.

Special Operations

Special operations by the IAF transport and helicopter fleets, involving the elite Garuds and elements of the Indian Army, will be a significant feature of the exercise.

Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs):

  1. When is Exercise Vayu Shakti-24 scheduled to take place?
    • a) 16 February 2024
    • b) 17 February 2024
    • c) 18 February 2024
    • d) 19 February 2024
    Answer: b) 17 February 2024
  2. How many aircraft are expected to participate in Exercise Vayu Shakti-24?
    • a) 100
    • b) 110
    • c) 121
    • d) 130
    Answer: c) 121
  3. Which indigenous Surface to Air Weapon systems will be showcased during the exercise?
    • a) Akash and Prachand
    • b) Dhruv and Tejas
    • c) Samar and Garud
    • d) Akash and Samar
    Answer: d) Akash and Samar
  4. What is the primary focus of Exercise Vayu Shakti-24 regarding weapon deployment?
    • a) Short-range precision
    • b) Conventional weapons only
    • c) Long-range precision and conventional weapon accuracy
    • d) Night-time operations only
    Answer: c) Long-range precision and conventional weapon accuracy