GPS Jamming Tactics: Impact on Military Operations and Countermeasures

GPS Jamming Tactics: Impact on Military Operations and Countermeasures

GPS jamming, a technique used to disrupt navigation signals, has been employed in military operations, impacting adversaries’ accuracy in targeting.

Israeli Tactics in Response to Iranian Threat:

Israeli intelligence utilized GPS jamming to confuse Iranian missile targeting teams prior to Iran’s attack on Israel.

Past Instances of GPS Denial:

During the Kargil conflict in 1999, the US denied GPS data to India, hindering Indian military operations.

US Employment of GPS Jamming:

The US utilized “selective availability” technology during the Kargil conflict, degrading GPS accuracy for the Indian military.

Development of Indigenous Navigation Systems:

In response to GPS denial, India developed NavIC, an independent satellite navigation system, ensuring precise positioning and navigation.

Current Scenario:

Israel’s jamming of GPS signals during Iran’s anticipated attack led to confusion among Iranian missiles, resulting in a high interception rate.

Impact and Countermeasures:

Despite Iran’s attempts to counter GPS jamming using the GLONASS system, it experienced reduced accuracy, suggesting limitations in bypassing jamming techniques.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs):

  1. Which technique did Israeli intelligence reportedly use to disrupt Iranian missile targeting teams?
    • A) Radio frequency interference
    • B) GPS jamming
    • C) Satellite disruption
    • D) Inertial navigation disruption
    Answer: B) GPS jamming
  2. What hindered Indian military operations during the Kargil conflict in 1999?
    • A) Lack of intelligence
    • B) Terrain difficulties
    • C) Denial of GPS data
    • D) Insufficient ammunition
    Answer: C) Denial of GPS data
  3. What technology did the US employ during the Kargil conflict to degrade GPS accuracy for the Indian military?
    • A) GPS encryption
    • B) Selective availability
    • C) Terrain contour matching
    • D) Satellite disruption
    Answer: B) Selective availability
  4. What indigenous satellite navigation system did India develop in response to GPS denial?
    • A) GLONASS
    • B) GPS II
    • C) NavIC
    • D) ISRO Navigation System
    Answer: C) NavIC
  5. Which system did Iran attempt to use to counter Israeli GPS jamming during the attack?
    • A) BeiDou
    • B) Galileo
    • C) GLONASS
    • D) NavIC
    Answer: C) GLONASS