Grand Commencement of 37th National Games in Goa

In a magnificent ceremony held at the Durbar Hall in Raj Bhavan, Donapaula, Governor of Goa, Shri. P.S. Sreedharan Pillai, officially inaugurated the 37th National Games by lighting the Mashaal (torch). This prestigious event was meticulously organized by the Department of Sports and Youth Affairs in collaboration with the Sports Authority of Goa. The ceremony was graced by the esteemed presence of Dr. Pramod Sawant, the Chief Minister of Goa, Shri. Govind Gaude, the Minister for Sports & Youth Affairs, Shri. Shripad Naik, the Minister of State for Tourism, and several other distinguished guests.

Governor Pillai also unveiled the National Games’ Anthem, featuring the iconic voice of the legendary actor, Amitabh Bachchan. His participation added an element of grandeur and distinction to the occasion. What sets this Anthem apart is its incorporation of the traditional Goan instrument, the Ghumat, and the collaboration of Goan vocalists alongside other gifted artists.

In this digital age, a specially designed website was launched during the ceremony. Dr. Pramod Sawant, the Chief Minister, had the honor of unveiling this digital gateway to all things related to the upcoming National Games. The website serves as a comprehensive resource, offering valuable information and timely updates about the event. It promises to be an invaluable tool for participants, spectators, and enthusiasts alike.

Dr. Pramod Sawant expressed his confidence that Goa is fully prepared to host the National Games. He highlighted that the Mashaal would traverse through Goa and various other states over a four-day period, igniting enthusiasm for the National Games and involving rural areas in the state in this grand celebration. Govind Gaude, the Sports Minister, passionately urged all Goa residents to join hands in supporting and rejoicing in this event, emphasizing that collective participation is the key to making the Games an outstanding success.

The Joint CEO of the National Games Organizing Committee, Dr. Geeta S. Nagvenkar, played a pivotal role in coordinating this remarkable commencement.