Gujarat Signs MoU with OneWeb Company to Establish Satellite Network Portal Site

On 19th July, Gujarat entered into a groundbreaking partnership with OneWeb Company, a London-based entity, and the Department of Science and Technology, to establish a cutting-edge ‘Satellite Network Portal Site.’ The collaboration marks a significant stride in the state’s quest to bolster its communication infrastructure.

As part of this ambitious endeavor, OneWeb Company will set up two ‘Satellite Network Portal Sites,’ with one designated for the picturesque Mehsana District in Gujarat. The satellite network portal site will be initiated in the thriving Jotana Taluka of Mehsana district and is poised to revolutionize connectivity for various stakeholders, ranging from government agencies and businesses to consumers and educational institutions.

The slated locations for the satellite network portal are Katosan and Tejura in Jotana Taluka, and the project’s Phase-1 is projected to cost over Rs. 100 crore. Once launched in 2023, this innovative communication network is expected to generate approximately 500 direct and indirect employment opportunities in the state.

OneWeb Company, founded by Greg Wyler in 2012 and headquartered in London, boasts a robust Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Satellite fleet comprising 648 satellites. With a commendable vision, the company endeavors to provide cost-effective satellite connectivity services to mobile network operators and Internet service providers, establishing a global communication network. This technology is already operational in Europe and Canada, garnering recognition for its broadband Internet access capabilities with significantly lower latency of less than 100 ms compared to traditional GEO-based networks with latencies ranging from 500 to 700 ms.

As the collaboration between Gujarat and OneWeb Company gains momentum, the forthcoming ‘Satellite Network Portal Site’ promises to bridge the digital divide and usher in an era of seamless connectivity for the state’s diverse and vibrant communities.