Guwahati Railway Station Gets FSSAI “Eat Right Station” Tag: Promoting Healthy and Safe Food Choices

Guwahati Railway Station Gets FSSAI "Eat Right Station" Tag: Promoting Healthy and Safe Food Choices
Guwahati Railway Station Gets FSSAI "Eat Right Station" Tag: Promoting Healthy and Safe Food Choices

Guwahati Railway Station, a major railway hub in the northeastern region of India, has achieved a remarkable feat by receiving the coveted “Eat Right Station” tag from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). This recognition underscores the station’s dedication to promoting healthy and safe food choices for passengers.

The “Eat Right Station” tag is a prestigious acknowledgment bestowed by FSSAI to railway stations that meet stringent criteria related to food safety, hygiene, and availability of nutritious food options. Guwahati Railway Station has demonstrated its commitment to providing passengers with an environment that encourages healthy eating habits and ensures the highest standards of food quality.

With the “Eat Right Station” tag, Guwahati Railway Station sets a benchmark for other stations in the country, encouraging them to prioritize the well-being of passengers and offer healthier food alternatives. This recognition aligns with the larger goal of promoting a culture of responsible eating and improving the overall dining experience for rail travelers.

The tag signifies that Guwahati Railway Station adheres to the FSSAI guidelines for food safety and hygiene. The station’s food vendors undergo regular inspections to ensure compliance with these standards, guaranteeing that the food served is prepared under hygienic conditions and meets the prescribed quality parameters.

Additionally, the “Eat Right Station” initiative promotes the availability of nutritious food options at the station. Passengers can now choose from a range of healthier snacks, beverages, and meals that are prepared using quality ingredients and follow recommended nutritional guidelines. This empowers travelers to make informed choices and maintain a balanced diet even while on the move.

The recognition of Guwahati Railway Station as an “Eat Right Station” not only ensures the provision of healthy food options but also enhances the overall passenger experience. It instills a sense of trust and confidence among travelers, knowing that they can rely on the station’s food facilities for safe and nutritious meals during their journeys.

Moreover, the “Eat Right Station” tag contributes to the larger national mission of promoting public health and combating issues related to food safety and nutrition. By creating awareness about the importance of healthy eating habits and ensuring access to nutritious food, Guwahati Railway Station plays a vital role in improving the well-being of passengers and the communities it serves.

The achievement of the “Eat Right Station” tag by Guwahati Railway Station is a testament to the concerted efforts of all stakeholders involved, including the railway authorities, food vendors, and FSSAI. It signifies a collective commitment towards fostering a culture of responsible eating, enhancing food safety standards, and promoting the overall health and well-being of railway passengers.

As other railway stations across the country strive to attain the “Eat Right Station” tag, the initiative will have a far-reaching impact on the dining landscape of Indian railways. It will ensure that passengers have access to safe, hygienic, and nutritious food options throughout their train journeys, fostering a healthier and happier traveling experience for all.