In Memoriam: Ajit Ninan, the Iconic Political Cartoonist

Ajit Ninan, a luminary in the realm of political cartooning, has left us at the age of 68. His name reverberates through the annals of Indian journalism, primarily for his trailblazing contributions in Centrestage series within India Today magazine and Ninan’s World featured in the Times of India. While celebrated for his prowess as a political cartoonist, Ninan’s creative genius extended gracefully into the realm of children’s literature. Among his cherished creations was Detective Moochwala and his loyal companion, Pooch, introduced to the world in the 1980s through the pages of Target, a youth magazine.

Ninan’s indomitable spirit found expression in his poignant political cartoons, which fearlessly critiqued both ruling governments and opposition parties. His brush strokes also paid homage to environmental causes, all while delighting audiences with his masterful caricatures. Ajit Ninan’s work remains etched in the collective memory of his era, cherished and remembered fondly by all who encountered his creations.

Notable Works by Ajit Ninan:

  • Ajit Ninan’s Funny World: Published in Target magazine
  • Just Like That!: Published daily in the Times of India
  • Like That Only! (along with Jug Suraiya): Published bi-weekly in the Times of India
  • Centrestage: Published in India Today
  • Ninan’s World: Published in the Times of India
  • Poli Tricks: A series of cartoons during the 2009 Indian general elections, published in the Times of India
  • iToons: A single-panel cartoon strip in The Times of India – with Sunil Agarwal