INCOIS Wave Rider Buoy Makes Landfall in Gopalpur

INCOIS Wave Rider Buoy Makes Landfall in Gopalpur

The wave rider buoy, equipped with GPS and weather sensors, belongs to the Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS). Usually stationed offshore, it collects crucial data on waves, tides, and more, every 15 minutes. But this past Saturday, it found itself unexpectedly beachside.

Army authorities quickly recovered the buoy and identified its owner. INCOIS officials were relieved to find it in good condition, thanks in part to the watchful eyes of local fishermen who first spotted it.

“This equipment is vital for our ocean forecasts and safe navigation,” explained Rakesh Baral, a project scientist with the Chilika Development Authority, which operates the buoy for INCOIS. “We’re grateful for everyone’s quick action.”

While the exact cause of the buoy’s adventure remains a mystery, high winds and a possible boat collision are prime suspects. Thankfully, the seafaring scientist is now back home, undergoing a thorough checkup. And within a fortnight, it’ll be back at its post, diligently collecting data and keeping watch over the waves.

This unexpected journey serves as a reminder of the vital role these oceanographic instruments play in keeping our waters safe and our forecasts accurate. So, the next time you see a wave rider buoy bobbing offshore, remember, it might just be taking a well-deserved beach break after a wild ride!