India and Vietnam Strengthen Maritime Security Cooperation with 3rd Maritime Security Dialogue in New Delhi

India and Vietnam Strengthen Maritime Security Cooperation with 3rd Maritime Security Dialogue in New Delhi
India and Vietnam Strengthen Maritime Security Cooperation with 3rd Maritime Security Dialogue in New Delhi

India and Vietnam, two maritime nations in the Indo-Pacific region, held their 3rd Maritime Security Dialogue in New Delhi, underscoring their shared commitment to maritime security, stability, and cooperation. The dialogue provided an opportunity for both countries to discuss various issues related to maritime security, including mutual concerns and potential areas of collaboration.

During the dialogue, high-level officials from India and Vietnam engaged in strategic discussions and exchanged views on maintaining peace, stability, and security in the maritime domain. The two nations reaffirmed their commitment to upholding the principles of international law, including the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), and promoting a rules-based order in the Indo-Pacific region.

Both India and Vietnam expressed their deep concern over the growing maritime threats, such as piracy, terrorism, illegal fishing, and other transnational crimes. They emphasized the importance of cooperation, information sharing, and joint efforts in combating these challenges to ensure the safety and security of maritime trade routes and the well-being of coastal communities.

The maritime dialogue also highlighted the significance of maritime domain awareness, including the exchange of information on maritime activities, enhanced surveillance capabilities, and joint training exercises. India and Vietnam acknowledged the importance of regular maritime patrols, capacity building programs, and strengthening cooperation in maritime law enforcement to effectively address emerging security threats.

Furthermore, the dialogue provided a platform for both countries to explore opportunities for cooperation in defense technology, maritime infrastructure development, and joint naval exercises. India and Vietnam recognized the potential benefits of joint research and development initiatives, defense industry collaboration, and technology transfer to bolster their respective maritime capabilities.

The 3rd Maritime Security Dialogue between India and Vietnam reflects the growing strategic partnership and mutual trust between the two nations. It demonstrates their shared vision of a free, open, and inclusive Indo-Pacific region, where countries can pursue their economic and security interests while adhering to international norms and principles.

India’s “Act East” policy and Vietnam’s “Doi Moi” (Renewal) policy have provided a solid foundation for expanding bilateral cooperation in various sectors, including maritime security. Both countries recognize the importance of maritime cooperation in promoting economic growth, regional stability, and ensuring the safety and security of sea lanes.

As countries with extensive coastlines and maritime interests, India and Vietnam have a common understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the maritime domain. Their 3rd Maritime Security Dialogue serves as a valuable mechanism to foster dialogue, strengthen trust, and develop shared approaches to address regional security issues effectively.

The successful outcome of the dialogue sets the stage for further deepening of India-Vietnam maritime cooperation. It paves the way for future collaborations, joint exercises, and knowledge-sharing initiatives that will contribute to the overall security and prosperity of the Indo-Pacific region.

India and Vietnam’s commitment to maritime security and cooperation sends a strong message to the international community about their shared responsibility in maintaining a peaceful and stable maritime environment. The 3rd Maritime Security Dialogue serves as a cornerstone in the strategic partnership between the two nations and reinforces their commitment to a secure and prosperous Indo-Pacific region.