India becomes 68th country to join Interpol’s child sexual exploitation database

India joined the Interpol’s international child sexual exploitation (ICSE) database which will allow it to draw links between victims, abusers and crime scene using audio-visual data.

The CBI, which is India’s nodal agency for Interpol matters, joined the database making India the 68th country to connect to it.

The ICSE database uses video & image comparison to analyse child sexual abuse material and make connections between victims, abusers and places.

An intelligence and investigative tool, the database allows specialized investigators to share information on cases of child sexual abuse.

Through the image and video comparison software, the investigators can nail down the criminals by identifying victims and places of crime.

The database avoids duplication of effort and saves precious time by letting investigators know whether a series of images has already been discovered or identified in another country, or whether it has similar features to other images.

Detectives in all 68 countries can exchange information and notes with their colleagues across the world.