India Establishes National Turmeric Board to Boost Industry and Exports

India Establishes National Turmeric Board to Boost Industry and Exports
India Establishes National Turmeric Board to Boost Industry and Exports

In a strategic move, the Indian government has formally established the National Turmeric Board, geared towards advancing the cultivation and growth of turmeric and its derivative products within the nation. India, which holds the top position in turmeric production, consumption, and global exports, seeks to capitalize on its preeminent role in the market. With the dedicated efforts of the board, the nation aims to significantly augment its turmeric exports, setting an ambitious target of reaching one billion dollars by 2030. This endeavor will encompass key activities such as the establishment of processing facilities and substantial support for research and development.

The National Turmeric Board will play a pivotal role in laying emphasis on exports, conducting extensive research and development, and promoting the creation of traditional value-added turmeric products. Quality and food safety standards will be rigorously upheld in accordance with established guidelines. Furthermore, the board is set to facilitate the establishment of processing units and provide essential support for export activities. Delays in the establishment of a tribal university, initially slated for development, have arisen due to land acquisition issues related to setting up the board.

The formation of the National Turmeric Board signifies a significant stride in unlocking the full potential of India’s thriving turmeric industry. With its multifaceted objectives, the board is poised to elevate the livelihoods of turmeric growers, promote sustainable growth, and reaffirm India’s position as the world’s leading turmeric producer and exporter. This initiative not only underscores India’s steadfast commitment to the spice industry but also offers an opportunity to showcase the myriad benefits of turmeric to the global stage. As India’s turmeric sector embarks on this promising journey, the future holds immense promise and potential for both cultivators and consumers alike.

Key Objectives of the National Turmeric Board:

  • Providing Leadership and Coordination
  • Increasing Awareness and Consumption
  • Exploring International Markets
  • Promoting Research and Development
  • Capacity Building and Skill Development
  • Ensuring Quality and Food Safety Standards
  • Safeguarding and Maximizing Turmeric’s Potential

Composition of the Board:

  • Chairperson Appointed by the Central Government
  • Key Members from Government Departments
  • Representation from Turmeric Stakeholders
  • Secretary Appointed by the Department of Commerce