India Expands Military Outreach and Arms Exports Globally

India Expands Military Outreach and Arms Exports Globally

India has embarked on a significant initiative to enhance its strategic ties with various regions globally and bolster arms exports by deploying military and defence attachés to several new countries. This move involves rationalizing the presence of military officials in certain established missions and establishing entirely new defence wings in key nations.

Deployment of Attaches

Government sources have revealed that 15-16 new attachés from the Army, Navy, and Indian Air Force (IAF) are being dispatched to countries such as Poland, Armenia, Tanzania, Mozambique, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, and the Philippines. This deployment follows a process of rationalization, which entails reducing the number of military officials stationed in large missions like those in Russia, the UK, and France.

Focus on Arms Export

The initiative includes the creation of 10 new defence wings in different countries, with a specific emphasis on nations that present opportunities for arms exports. Notably, India is particularly interested in expanding its military outreach in Africa, aligning with its efforts to counter China’s growing influence on the continent.

Strategic Significance of African Outreach

Africa has become a focal point for India’s military engagements, given China’s substantial strategic presence in the region. In addition to existing collaborations such as combat exercises and training programs, India aims to export various indigenous defense systems, including Tejas fighters, Pinaka rocket systems, BrahMos cruise missiles, and Akash air defense systems, to African nations.

Diplomatic Efforts

India’s diplomatic efforts extend beyond military engagements, as evidenced by its successful bid to include the African Union as a permanent member of the G-20. The deployment of defence attachés to countries like Djibouti, strategically positioned on the Horn of Africa, underscores India’s commitment to countering China’s expanding influence in the region.

Arms Exports and Regional Dynamics

India’s focus on arms exports extends beyond Africa, with countries like Armenia emerging as significant destinations. Despite regional conflicts, such as the clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan, India seeks to strengthen its ties with Armenia through defense cooperation agreements.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs):

  1. What is the primary objective of India’s deployment of military and defence attachés to new countries?
    • A) Economic development
    • B) Strategic ties expansion and arms exports
    • C) Cultural exchange
    • D) Environmental conservation
    • Answer: B) Strategic ties expansion and arms exports
  2. Which region has India particularly emphasized in its military outreach efforts due to China’s increasing influence?
    • A) Europe
    • B) North America
    • C) Africa
    • D) South America
    • Answer: C) Africa
  3. What defense systems is India seeking to export to African nations?
    • A) Tomahawk missiles
    • B) Patriot missile systems
    • C) BrahMos cruise missiles and Tejas fighters
    • D) S-400 missile systems
    • Answer: C) BrahMos cruise missiles and Tejas fighters
  4. What diplomatic achievement did India secure during its presidency of the G-20?
    • A) Inclusion of the African Union as a permanent member
    • B) Establishment of a new global economic forum
    • C) Signing of a comprehensive trade agreement
    • D) Formation of a military alliance
    • Answer: A) Inclusion of the African Union as a permanent member
  5. Which country became the first-ever recipient of India’s BrahMos missile exports?
    • A) Tanzania
    • B) Philippines
    • C) Poland
    • D) Djibouti
    • Answer: B) Philippines