India Takes Leadership Role in Global Fisheries Management

India Takes Leadership Role in Global Fisheries Management

India has achieved a significant milestone by being elected as the First Vice Chair of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) COFI Sub-Committee on Fisheries Management. This development underscores India’s growing influence in global fisheries governance.

Representing the Global South

The Embassy of India in Rome highlighted in a social media post that India’s new role in the Sub-Committee is crucial, as it represents the Global South. This representation is expected to bring a much-needed balance and perspective to discussions on fisheries management at the global level.

India’s Historic Membership in FAO Fisheries Bureau

In another noteworthy accomplishment, India is set to become a member of a FAO Fisheries Bureau on ‘Capture Fisheries’ after 57 years. This marks the first time India will contribute directly to this bureau, signifying a step forward in the country’s engagement with international fisheries initiatives.

India’s Standing in the Fishing Industry

India, recognized as one of the leading fishing nations, boasts a substantial fishing community of over 28 million inland and marine fishers. This not only emphasizes India’s significance in the global fisheries sector but also reinforces the country’s commitment to sustainable fisheries governance and management.