Indian Armed Forces Arrive in Hanoi for Joint Military Exercise VINBAX-2023

Indian Armed Forces Arrive in Hanoi for Joint Military Exercise VINBAX-2023

A contingent of 45 Indian soldiers has arrived in Hanoi to participate in the fourth edition of the joint military exercise VINBAX-2023. The exercise will be conducted from December 11th to 21st and will focus on strengthening collaboration, interoperability, and best practices between the Indian Armed Forces and the Vietnam People’s Army (VPA).

VINBAX, established in 2018, is an annual training event held alternately in India and Vietnam. Last year’s edition took place at Chandimandir Military Station. This year’s exercise will involve a Command Post Exercise and Field Training Exercise, focusing on deploying and employing an Engineer Company and a Medical Team.

The exercise aims to:

  • Foster collaboration and partnership: The exercise encourages information sharing and joint training, building trust and understanding between the two armies.
  • Promote interoperability: VINBAX allows both sides to practice using standardized procedures and equipment, enhancing their ability to operate together effectively in multinational missions.
  • Share best practices: Participants will exchange knowledge and expertise in modern construction techniques, combat engineering, and combat medical tasks.

The joint exercise will culminate in a Validation Exercise, where both contingents will showcase their skills and demonstrate their ability to carry out technical military operations under a simulated UN peacekeeping mission scenario.

VINBAX-2023 is expected to further strengthen the strong defense cooperation between India and Vietnam, contributing to regional security and stability.