Indian Armed Forces Contingent Embarks on Joint Military Exercise “AUSTRAHIND-23”

Indian Armed Forces Contingent Embarks on Joint Military Exercise “AUSTRAHIND-23”

In a display of the deepening strategic partnership between India and Australia, an 81-member Indian Armed Forces contingent embarked on a journey to Australia to participate in the second edition of the joint military exercise AUSTRAHIND-23. Scheduled to take place from November 22 to December 6, 2023, in Perth, Australia, the exercise aims to foster collaborative partnerships, share best practices, and enhance interoperability between the two militaries.

The Indian contingent comprises 60 personnel from a Battalion of the Gorkha Rifles, one officer from the Indian Navy, and 20 personnel from the Indian Air Force. Their Australian counterparts will consist of 60 personnel from the 13th Brigade, 20 personnel each from the Royal Australian Navy and Royal Australian Air Force.

Initiated in 2022 with its first edition held in Mahajan, Rajasthan, Exercise AUSTRAHIND is an annual training event designed to promote interoperability while conducting multi-domain operations in urban and semi-urban terrains, aligning with Chapter VII of United Nations peacekeeping operations.

The joint exercise will facilitate the exchange of ideas, joint rehearsal of tactics, techniques, and procedures for conducting tactical operations, and the enhancement of situational awareness through sniper firing and coordinated operation of surveillance and communication equipment.

In addition to tactical actions at the Company/Battalion level, the exercise will also encompass casualty management and evacuation drills. By fostering mutual understanding and strengthening defense cooperation, AUSTRAHIND-23 stands as a testament to the growing strategic partnership between India and Australia.