Indian Navy Receives Boost with Clearance of BrahMos Missile Acquisition

Indian Navy Receives Boost with Clearance of BrahMos Missile Acquisition

The Indian Navy receives a significant boost with the clearance by the Cabinet Committee on Security for the acquisition of over 200 BrahMos extended-range supersonic cruise missiles. The deal, valued at approximately ₹19,000 crore, was approved during a meeting held on February 21.

Contract Signing and Deployment

  • The contract between BrahMos Aerospace and the Ministry of Defence is scheduled to be signed in the first week of March.
  • The acquired BrahMos missiles will be deployed on Indian Navy warships, serving as the primary weapon for anti-ship and attack operations.

BrahMos Missile Overview

  • The BrahMos missile, a joint venture between India and Russia, is capable of supersonic speeds and can be launched from submarines, ships, aircraft, or land platforms.
  • Significant indigenization efforts have been undertaken by BrahMos Aerospace, with more parts being indigenized, enhancing the missile’s self-sufficiency.

Export to Philippines

  • The BrahMos missile is poised for export to the Philippines, marking its first international customer in the global market.
  • Several countries in Southeast Asia have expressed interest in deploying the BrahMos missile system, reflecting its growing international demand.

Export Targets and Initiatives

  • BrahMos Aerospace, under the leadership of Atul Rane, aims to achieve a $5 billion export target by 2025, with the Philippines deal being a significant step towards this goal.
  • The company has conducted test firings with a high degree of indigenous content and is equipping the missile with indigenous seekers, enhancing its appeal to global buyers.

Synergies with Partner Countries

  • The sale of BrahMos missile systems to partner countries is expected to create opportunities for other successful Indian weapon systems, such as the Akash missile and ATAGS howitzers, boosting the Indian defence industry.

Quality Improvement and Global Competitiveness

  • The Indian defence industry is focusing on improving hardware quality to compete effectively in the global market.
  • Indian systems are being showcased internationally, with public sector units establishing offices in potential markets for sales and support.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs):

  1. What is the value of the deal cleared by the Cabinet Committee on Security for the acquisition of BrahMos missiles?
    • A) ₹9,000 crore
    • B) ₹19,000 crore
    • C) ₹29,000 crore
    • D) ₹39,000 crore
    • Answer: B) ₹19,000 crore
  2. Which country is set to become the first international customer of the BrahMos missile system?
    • A) China
    • B) Russia
    • C) Philippines
    • D) Japan
    • Answer: C) Philippines
  3. Who heads BrahMos Aerospace, the joint venture responsible for the production of BrahMos missiles?
    • A) Narendra Modi
    • B) Atul Rane
    • C) Amit Shah
    • D) Rajnath Singh
    • Answer: B) Atul Rane
  4. What is the export target set by BrahMos Aerospace for the year 2025?
    • A) $1 billion
    • B) $3 billion
    • C) $5 billion
    • D) $7 billion
    • Answer: C) $5 billion
  5. Which Indian missile system is expected to benefit from the sale of BrahMos missile systems to partner countries?
    • A) Agni
    • B) BrahMos
    • C) Akash
    • D) Prithvi
    • Answer: C) Akash