Indian Navy Strengthens Capabilities with INS Sandhayak

Indian Navy Strengthens Capabilities with INS Sandhayak

On India’s Navy Day, Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers (GRSE) proudly delivered INS Sandhayak, the largest survey vessel ever built in the country. This 110-meter-long warship marks the first in a series of four advanced Survey Vessels (Large) being constructed by GRSE.

A Legacy Renewed:

The new INS Sandhayak carries on the legacy of its predecessor, a survey vessel commissioned in 1981 and decommissioned in 2021. While honoring the past, this modern vessel represents a significant leap forward in India’s indigenous shipbuilding capabilities.

Advanced Capabilities:

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, INS Sandhayak and its sister ships are capable of undertaking diverse operations, including:

  • Full-scale coastal and deep-water hydrographic surveys: This includes mapping port and harbor approaches, navigation channels, and maritime limits.
  • Oceanographic data collection: This crucial information supports defense applications and enhances maritime understanding.
  • Helicopter operations: Each vessel can carry a helicopter, expanding its capabilities and flexibility.
  • Low-intensity combat: The ships are equipped to defend themselves and contribute to broader naval operations.
  • Hospital ship functions: In times of need, the vessels can be quickly converted into hospital ships, providing vital medical support.
  • Humanitarian assistance and disaster relief: The vessels can be deployed for relief efforts in disaster zones, showcasing India’s commitment to global aid.

Enhanced Maritime Security:

The addition of INS Sandhayak and the remaining SVLs significantly strengthens India’s maritime security and capabilities. These advanced vessels will play a vital role in:

  • Enhancing maritime surveillance and control of India’s vast coastline.
  • Ensuring safe navigation through accurate and up-to-date hydrographic data.
  • Increasing the operational flexibility and responsiveness of the Indian Navy.
  • Fostering India’s indigenous shipbuilding industry through advanced technology and expertise.

A Proud Milestone:

GRSE’s delivery of INS Sandhayak marks a significant accomplishment for India’s maritime development. This project signifies the country’s growing capabilities in building sophisticated naval vessels and its commitment to securing its maritime interests. As the remaining SVLs are delivered, India’s naval capabilities will continue to grow, ensuring the safety and security of its citizens and maritime borders.