Indian Navy’s INS Talwar Seizes Drugs in Arabian Sea

Indian Navy’s INS Talwar Seizes Drugs in Arabian Sea

On April 13, INS Talwar, operating in the Arabian Sea, seized a significant quantity of drugs as part of its involvement with the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF), marking the Indian Navy’s first interdiction of illicit narcotics within this multinational naval partnership.

Details of Operation:

  • Date and Location: April 13, Arabian Sea
  • Quantity Seized: 940 kg of drugs
  • Types of Drugs Seized:
    • 453 kg of methamphetamines
    • 416 kg of hash
    • 71 kg of heroin
  • Operation Name: Focused Operation Crimson Barracuda
  • Task Force: Operating under the Canadian-led Combined Task Force (CTF) 150

About Combined Maritime Forces (CMF):

  • Nature: A 42-nation naval partnership
  • Task Forces: Comprises five task forces
  • Significance: Regarded as the world’s largest international naval partnership
  • Indian Navy’s Membership: Joined CMF in November

Commander’s Commendation:

Royal Canadian Navy Captain Colin Matthews, commander of CTF 150, praised the efforts of INS Talwar’s crew in executing the operation. He highlighted the professionalism and effectiveness of CMF and the Indian Navy in deterring and disrupting criminal and terrorist activities at sea.

Conclusion of Operation:

Focused Operation Crimson Barracuda, which aimed to counter terrorist and criminal organizations’ smuggling operations in the western Indian Ocean region, concluded on April 15.

Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs):

  1. When did INS Talwar seize drugs in the Arabian Sea?
    a) April 12
    b) April 13
    c) April 14
    d) April 15
    Answer: b) April 13
  2. How much quantity of drugs did INS Talwar seize?
    a) 540 kg
    b) 740 kg
    c) 840 kg
    d) 940 kg
    Answer: d) 940 kg
  3. Which task force was INS Talwar operating under during the operation?
    a) CTF 151
    b) CTF 152
    c) CTF 153
    d) CTF 150
    Answer: d) CTF 150
  4. Which naval partnership does CMF belong to?
    a) 21-nation naval partnership
    b) 32-nation naval partnership
    c) 42-nation naval partnership
    d) 52-nation naval partnership
    Answer: c) 42-nation naval partnership
  5. When did Focused Operation Crimson Barracuda conclude?
    a) April 13
    b) April 14
    c) April 15
    d) April 16
    Answer: c) April 15